Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Marcillac Apartment

by Adrienne Thacker, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Paris Perfect provides unsurpassed high-quality service from the moment you begin to research and consult with agents to answer your initial questions, to having a representative from the Paris Perfect team meet you at your apartment upon your arrival in Paris. I stayed at the Marcillac apartment for 11 days and truly experienced the Parisian life in that short time. Our greeter from Paris Perfect was wonderful!

The ambiance and spectacular location (7th district) of the apartment could not be any more Parisian. The decor was most charming. Additionally, I might say that this was a quiet and peaceful apartment allowing you to relax and sleep well. I would stay at this apartment again or book another apartment with Paris Perfect based on the incredible accommodations and service provided."

Adrienne Thacker, Fair Oaks, California, United States

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