Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Collioure Apartment

by Michael Straus

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Dear Philippe and Madelyn, as you know, we have been using Paris Perfect apartments for 3 years now. At first, I hesitated to write something about them. This was simply because we have enjoyed the stays so much, that I really don't want anyone else to find out about them.
That, of course is selfish and accomplishes nothing. So, with all my fears of Paris Perfect becoming TOO successful, I will post this short note.

I could gush about how nice the apartments are, which they are. Or, I could give you high compliments on the excellent locations, which they have. Or, I could go on and on about how, even after 35+ years of my travels to Paris, these apartments make the stay that much better, which they do.

All of that aside, what I *REALLY* love about Paris Perfect apartments, is the personal service we get and the businesslike manner in which you both, plus Carolyn, handle the transactions. Being a business person of sorts myself for over 40 years, I very much appreciate the clean business transaction, the personal touch you give to the transaction AND the help you give your renters with recommendations and advice.

All in all, I can see no reason to stay in a hotel in Paris, when we can get a Paris Perfect apartment with all of its freedom and advantages. VMS"

Michael Straus

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