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by Dan M, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Paris Perfect is...perfect. We had to plan our trip at the last minute and, fortunately, were able to book the Blaye apartment. While I had somewhere in the Marais in mind, this neighborhood was, in fact, fantastic.

We arranged for transportation to and from the airport, through Paris Perfect, with Victor's Taxi. I highly recommend using his service, as transportation job actions (strikes) are common. Prepay through PayPal and tip in Euros for a low stress transfer.

Upon arrival at the apartment, we were greeted by a Paris Perfect representative who went through EVERYTHING we needed to know about the apartment and given our keys. Very informative and well done. For the one or two things that came up that we couldn't remember (washer/dryer operation) we could easily find the answer in the information binder on the kitchen counter.

Everything you need for a short or long stay is a short walk, including a grocery store, pharmacy, bakery, butcher and fruit and vegetable market to name a few. We found the neighborhood to be very clean, safe and quiet. Right around the corner, and visible from the bedroom window, is the Eiffel Tower.

The apartment itself was wonderful. Clean, smartly appointed and supplied with all the (very nice) basics; it was a much better choice over a hotel room. The kitchen has everything if you plan on preparing meals and we were pleasantly surprised to find that there were Nespresso pods for the espresso maker (more available through the office) and the refrigerator was stocked with bottled water, orange juice and milk. Even though we were on the first floor (one up from the ground floor) we hardly noticed any street noise.

Getting around was very easy. We took the Metro everywhere, hopping on at the M�tro �cole Militaire station which is about a five minute walk from the apartment. Even with transfers, it never took more than twenty minutes to get anywhere in the city. If you take an Uber or taxi, it could easily be double that depending on where you're going.

While we didn't book any of the numerous tours and activities available through Paris Perfect, they looked very interesting and all-encompassing.

All in all, this is a first-class operation. They make the process easy and have thought of everything. Professional and well run, I highly recommend them for a low stress, turn-key vacation experience."

Dan M, Indiana, United States

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