Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Morey Apartment

by Megan S, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"We appreciate Paris Perfect and their staff meeting us at the adorable Morey Apartment as soon as we arrived from the airport so much! Like all transatlantic passengers, we were bleary-eyed and needed to check in. A huge thank you for this great service!! We also loved the three tours we booked via Localers Tours on the Paris Perfect website -- the neighborhood orientation tour our first morning, a tour of Versailles with one of their engaging guides, and a Sunset Champagne Luxury Cruise in a beautiful Venetian wooden boat on the Seine. I cannot recommend the sunset cruise enough -- especially if you have a special occasion to celebrate as we did! The Morey apartment was charming and had all the conveniences we needed with one caveat. We had read about the street noise from the establishments downstairs in past reviews, but we underestimated the decibel level in the apartment until 4 am, even with earplugs, white noise machines, and the air conditioning running. We are not light sleepers but found the shouting and singing at the top of the lungs until 4 am to be disruptive. This problem could be alleviated by noise- and light-cancelling curtains such as those found in hotels on busy streets or the provision of some Bose noise cancelling headphones. We realize that we had notice of this noise - we just underestimated it and take responsibility for that. We hope to rent again some day with Paris Perfect at a quieter locale."

Megan S, Texas, United States

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