Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Saint Romain Apartment

by Katherine R, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"So, we resisted Paris Perfect for awhile. We were thinking that, "Hey, we can just do it ourselves on AirBnb or whatever?" Well, after the third bad experience with a do-it-yourself apartment, we decided we wanted to go for a sure thing. And, Paris Perfect really delivered. This apartment was perfect. A chief concern of ours was adequate A/C as my husband has some health issues and this apartment even kept us comfortable on that 107 Fahrenheit day in July! The staff is helpful, friendly and very professional. That apartment clean and well, just beautiful. The ability to pop down to Rue Cler to get a (fabulous) dinner to go from a traiteur was just lovely. We spend a few weeks in France every summer for the past 15 years and now Paris Perfect will always be a part of our yearly time in France."

Katherine R, PA, United States

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