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for Maranges Apartment

by James M, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Location was excellent. Right off St. Germain but no road noise. Nice roomy living room and bedroom. Very light during the day (penthouse.) And very nicely furnished (as are all of Paris Perfect's apts!) We have been renting from Paris Perfect for 14 years and they really have the system down. They make it so easy and they always have an English speaking person meet you and run you how everything works in the apt which is so important when you are a "technically challenged" senior (like which remotes turn on the TV, heat, air, fan, etc. and how does the coffee maker, stove, oven, etc. work. Finally, the travel information they send to you prior to your stay including, packing and safety suggestions, local restaurants, stores and attractions is so helpful for a great week in Paris! Nobody does it better!"

James M, Virginia, United States

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