Canal Saint-Martin Neighborhood Food Tour

From indoor marketplaces to famed local bakeries and wine merchants, you’ll enjoy a hearty helping of delicious Parisian fare on this adventure through the trendy Canal Saint-Martin area that’s guided by a local food expert. You’ll first stop at a secretive indoor market where specialties are colorfully displayed in a line of stalls, and then make your way to an acclaimed bakery where fresh baked goodies are waiting. The tour continues with an introduction to cured meats, as well as a fine selection of local wine merchants and organic veggie stalls that will have your mouth watering. Enjoy a taste of the fare on the banks of the canal, before gearing up for the grand finale – a decadent wine and cheese tasting. From ultra chic restaurants to authentic food vendors and purveyors, this tour is a truly exceptional peek into Paris’ acclaimed food scene.

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Canal Saint-Martin Neighborhood Food Tour Sink your teeth into Paris' cuisine scene with this in-depth tour that includes decadent tastings, meet-and-greets with famed food artisans and delicious views of Canal Saint-Martin.
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The canal tour was wonderful, as well! It was great to explore an area of the city that was new to us both.
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