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Classic Walks Latin Quarter Walking Tour

Home to Roman ruins and streets where chariots once raced, the Latin Quarter of Paris possesses a rich and romantic history. Meet your tour guide in front of the Pantheon, the monumental Parisian building that once housed the demonstration of Foucault’s pendulums. Explore the streets where twentieth century writer Ernest Hemingway once walked and stroll through the beautifully manicured grounds of the Jardin du Luxembourg nearby. Gaze upon the towering gothic grandeur of the Notre Dame cathedral and marvel at the stain-glassed splendor of Sainte Chapelle. Be led into the very heart of the Latin Quarter and discover the Fontaine St. Michel, an impressive monument depicting the archangel Michael defeating two dragons. Before you leave, make your way along the Seine and browse the Bouquinistes, a collection of charming stalls selling old books, trinkets and art.

Tour Details

  • The Latin Quarter Night Walking Tour is €20 per person.
  • The tour features several important Latin Quarter highlights including: Notre Dame cathedral, St. Chapelle, Place St. Michel, the Panthéon, the Luxembourg Gardens, and les Bouquinistes.


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