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Moulin Rouge Show

Step back in time at Montmartre’s famous cabaret the Moulin Rouge. You’re in for the liveliest show in the world with all of its grandeur, sequins and beautiful, talented dancers. The show is a stronghold in its dramatic history, 110 years and going strong, and it has been immortalized by famous artists, especially Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. The stage has also held a bevvy of incredible acts: stars like Liza Minnelli, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Elton John. Immerse yourself in the grand dance hall and imagine its past life and the lively jolt into present day. The ambiance hums, vibrant as dancers perform the traditional French cancan.

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Moulin Rouge Show

Admire the elaborate dance hall in which the most beautiful women of French culture have built a 110-year-old history of remarkable shows. An orchestra springs to life before you, and modern-day dancers perform the challenging and impressive French cancan.

  • The Moulin Rouge 9 p.m. show is €115 per adult, €55 per child (6-12 years)
  • The Moulin Rouge 11 p.m. show is €112 per adult, €55 per child (6-12 years). Tuesdays during July and August 2014.

Moulin Rouge Show + ½ Champagne or Drink

The brilliant Moulin Rouge evening show experience explodes with a side of traditional French bubbly.

France invented two very wonderful things: champagne and the cancan. Your evening at Montmartre’s iconic Moulin Rouge is the perfect chance to enjoy both! This specialized ticket to a Moulin Rouge show allows you a half a bottle of champagne or your choice of another drink to enjoy during the show.

  • The Moulin Rouge Show and ½ Champagne or Drink at 9 p.m. is €112 per adult.
  • The Moulin Rouge Show and ½ Champagne or Drink at 11 p.m. is €87 per adult.



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