Science Immersion

Take a break from exploring the city, and let your youngest family members flex their brilliant creative muscles with this activity that’s designed to let kids go wild while learning at one of the most famed laboratories in the city. For this hands-on workshop, you’ll meet your private science teacher at a school laboratory that was once the testing grounds for Marie Curie and four other Nobel laureates. Once you’ve arrived at this historic site, you’ll dive right into a learning adventure where you’ll uncover a wealth of experiments that are both fun and easy to recreate at home well after your vacation is over. Performed in a safe and secure environment, you’ll create small explosions, stick a needle in a balloon without popping it, and perform a world of other tests and tricks that will boggle young and older minds alike. An enriching excursion that kids of all ages can enjoy, this Parisian activity is truly one-of-a-kind.

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