Louvre Skip-the-Line Guided Tour

As arguably Paris’s most famous museum, the Louvre is always stocked with locals and tourists alike looking to explore its historic collection. On this tour, you get the chance to skip the lines and satisfy your desire to see some of the most esteemed art pieces up close. Lead by a professional tour guide, this tour allows you to discover the 786,000 square-foot museum and all of the galleries that come with it. From ancient Egypt to 19th century Europe, you’ll be taken through almost 7,000 years of artwork. You will see some notable pieces like the Venus de Milo, sculpted by Alexandros of Antioch in 100 BC, the 33-foot-long Coronation of Napoleon, painted by Antoine-Jean Gros in 1807, and of course, Leonardo Di Vinci’s Mona Lisa, painted in 1506. Don’t want to leave after the tour is over? Good news! You can use your tour ticket to stay at the Louvre and spend time in the galleries, shops and cafes for as long as you choose.

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