Cooking Class in a Parisian Restaurant

Held in a delicious French restaurant in the 7th arrondissement, guests will be charmed by their host and master teacher, Catherine, who will share both the basics and classic French Gastronomy principles while helping students create a stellar menu of an appetizer, main course and dessert. Along the way, students will pick up a wealth of tips and tutorials that they can utilize in their cooking adventures at home, and will get their hands dirty in the open kitchen that’s ideal for small classes. At the end of the instruction, students will dive into the fruits of their labor with a glass of French wine (or two) and will toast a sumptuous end to this inviting and all around entertaining cooking adventure. This experience is at the top of activities for our guests, and after enjoying the wafting smells from the kitchen or diving into one of the freshly produced courses, you will soon discover why!

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The menu changes regularly and is seasonal as the chef / instructor utilizes only the freshest ingredients collected from the local markets. Students are free to actively participate in all aspects of the meal preparation, including the cooking, plating and overall enjoyment. Wine is served with the meal.


Cooking Class in a Parisian Restaurant Enjoy the hospitality of a Parisian chef in her cozy restaurant in the 7th neighbourhood with this culinary experience that highlights the secrets and techniques of French cooking.
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Catherine's cooking class should be a must for everyone. Great communication and cooking skills. We learned a great deal about the history of food in France and the care that goes into each recipe/meal. If you take Catherine’s cooking class you will not need to have dinner that evening! A first class experience.
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Cooking class and subsequent meal is €155 per person

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Cooking class and subsequent meal is €155 per person

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