Small Group Morning Tour of Versailles & Gardens

Built in 1682 as the sun-filled home of King Louis XIV (the Sun King), the Palace of Versailles has been both a UNESCO World Heritage site and a major staple of tourists. On this tour, you’ll get to skip-the-line and walk through all 721,000 square-feet of the royal palace with an educated tour guide. A luxury air-conditioned coach will escort you from Paris to Versailles, where you’ll spend part of the day admiring some of the 700 rooms and the palace’s most beautiful features. From Marie Antoinette’s Bedroom to the famous Hall of Mirrors, your guide will take you through the opulence and history of Versailles, starting from the time it was built to when the French Revolution ended the monarchal reign. For your outdoor pleasure, the Gardens of Versailles are also open to visitors, giving you the chance to see the trees, flower beds, fountains and more than 200 statues while you enjoy a casual stroll. This tour is truly the perfect blend of historical education and casual relaxation.

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