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Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all stellar times to make an escape to the City of Light, where grand celebrations and an infectious holiday atmosphere are simply a way of life!


As one would expect in a global city that’s known as the City of Light, the Parisian scene is alight with activity during the autumn and winter holidays, and you will find yourself surrounded by a world of glamour and enchantment as soon as the temperatures begin to fall. Imagine spending a Halloween haunting the city’s ghostly sites or envision a Thanksgiving where the best cuisine in the world—from wines and cheeses to chocolates—takes center stage. And as inviting as Paris is during American holidays, just think about how magical the City of Light will be around Christmas, when landmarks all across the city are aglow in thousands of additional sparkling baubles.

Paris is the perfect destination for visitors who want to embrace the fall or winter holiday spirit. Here is our handpicked selection of seasonal tours to add a special touch to your holiday stay in Paris. Pack your bags, and get ready for a Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas retreat that will be truly unforgettable.

Christmas and NYE Dinner Cruises Christmas and NYE Dinner Cruises

Christmas and NYE Dinner Cruises

Spend Christmas Eve, Christmas or New Year’s Eve sailing down the Seine River on this amazing dinner cruise that lets you eat a gourmet meal while sightseeing!

Christmas Baking Class Christmas Baking Class

Christmas Baking Class

Bring the taste of Christmas to your family with this baking class, where a professional pastry chef will teach you how to bake French desserts for the holiday season.

Christmas Decoration Workshop Christmas Decoration Workshop

Christmas Decoration Workshop

Decorate your very own Parisian Christmas decorations at an authentic art school, and bring your holiday creativity to life with the help of a professional art teacher.

Paris from Behind the Christmas Lens Paris from Behind the Christmas Lens

Paris from Behind the Christmas Lens

Take Christmas-themed portraits with your family under the lens of a professional SLR camera and the teachings of an experience photographer.

Paris Thanksgiving Cooking Class Paris Thanksgiving Cooking Class

Paris Thanksgiving Cooking Class

Enjoy a Thanksgiving Meal in Paris with your loved ones, and be taught how to infuse French techniques with traditional American cuisine by a private chef.


While Halloween and Thanksgiving are popular holidays in America and Canada, visitors will be surprised to learn that Paris has a world of options for celebrating these quintessential fall and winter holidays. From exploring ghostly museums to ancient bone-filled catacombs, Halloween aficionados will find plenty of reasons to celebrate a ghostly mood in a city that has centuries of stories.

Thanksgiving, naturally, is all about the food, and what better place to feast than Paris? With a host of globally acclaimed restaurants, decadent chocolates, mouth-watering baguettes and coveted cheeses, Paris is designed for visitors with great taste, and as a result, every Thanksgiving feast can be heightened, with a worldly flavor and appeal.

Christmastime is a true celebration in the City of Light, and although Paris is already brimming with twinkling lights throughout the year, the city really brightens during Christmas. Sample decadent chocolates, warm up with fresh out-of-the-oven pastries or try ice skating on the first level of the Eiffel Tower. With so many ways to have fun, Paris overflows with holiday spirit!

For a personalized holiday-themed experience in the city, plan a specialized tour that coincides with your favorite holiday, and which showcases the city at its sumptuous best. From a culinary excursion that covers the most tempting wines, cheeses, and chocolatiers in Paris to a ghoulish walking tour that re-traces the footsteps of the French Revolution, it’s easy to combine a specific interest with the world of Parisian activities at your disposal.