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From the plush towels to ideal location, our apartment was perfect. Thanks for living up to your promises!

Justin, Melbourne

About Us

How we started: Our Paris apartments

How we started: Our Paris apartments

Paris Perfect offers exceptional apartments in the heart of Paris. Our goal is to help you fall in love with Paris – to discover, explore, taste and savor new sights and experiences in this incredible city.  

Our company began almost 15 years ago when Frenchman and former cardiac surgeon Philippe traded in the operating room for more entrepreneurial pursuits. He and his American wife, Madelyn, had the idea to share their love of Paris and “la vie Parisienne” by finding beautiful apartments in their favorite Paris neighborhoods. Now over 20 people strong, we are a friendly and enthusiastic team who will assist you every step of the way, from your first enquiry to your arrival in Paris.

Your Paris Perfect experience begins with where you stay, and we offer you a warm home in the heart of Paris. Each of our apartments is carefully hand picked to ensure it meets our standards of luxury and warmth, including outstanding locations in authentic Parisian neighborhoods. Find fully remodeled kitchens and bathrooms, comfortable beds with luxury linens, exceptional locations and panoramic views. When you reserve, we open our address book and share our favorite Paris resources with you to help you plan and enjoy your stay – from excellent tour guides to cooking classes, private chefs, favorite restaurants and cafés to the best pastry shops in the neighborhood. Relax, explore, and enjoy each day to the fullest, experiencing a vacation in Paris that you’ll remember for a lifetime!

We have had the good fortune to be recognized by Business Week, Rick Steves, The Fine Living Channel, The Wall Street Journal, Travel and Leisure Magazine, The Sydney Herald and more.  To read the articles or watch the videos, please visit our Paris Perfect Press Page.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to offer you an extraordinary experience in the most beautiful city in the world by enhancing your vacation and helping you to explore and experience the delights of living in Paris. We start by offering a selection of hand-picked apartments located in the heart of Paris.

Our helpful and knowledgeable team will guide you through your vacation planning process and help you choose the perfect apartment for your stay. When you’ve booked, the adventure begins. Want to explore the open air markets near your apartment, take a cooking lesson, sail down the Seine at sunset or hire a chef to cook dinner in your apartment? Based on our many years in Paris, we happily share our resources and favorite suggestions for our guests so you can savor the fun of living like a Parisian during your stay.

Our friendly team will help you every step of the way, from recommending a driver to meet you at the airport to greeting you personally at your apartment door when you arrive.

Our Paris address book

Our Paris address book

When you reserve, we help you plan your stay by sharing our favorite addresses in Paris with you. We know the area around each of our apartments intimately and share our favorite resources and tips, from the best restaurants that the locals goes to, trendy new bistros, our favorite open air markets, best cheese shops, pastry shops, local supermarkets, guided tours, activities for children to concierge services and much more. Would you like to learn about French wines, or take a gourmet cooking class, French lesson or a chocolate tour of Paris? Our team is just a phone call away, and will be happy to help with any request!

"All I can say is perfect view, perfect location, perfect service, perfect accommodations!" – M. Goldman, San Diego, CA.

"Paris Perfect was the most thorough and accommodating of any agency we have ever worked with." – Barbara DePaul, Berlin, NJ

"There are other rental agencies in the city but Paris Perfect is definitely the best." – Dana Baines

"The place was perfect, the people were perfect; from the time we booked until the day we left." – Chris & Jan

"If you want to experience Paris as a local, but want all the comforts of home, rent a Paris Perfect apartment!" – Scott & Laurie

"I can't say enough wonderful things about our stay with Paris Perfect. The service was great and we wouldn't hesitate to return or recommend them to anyone." – Lisa Roday

Meet the Paris Perfect team

Meet the Paris Perfect team

Paris Perfect started out as a boutique family company, and over the years Madelyn and Philippe have had the pleasure to welcome more people into their ‘family’, which is now over 20 people strong. Click here to find out more about our friendly team - our marketing team and our Paris based team employed by a French operating company - who will help ensure your Paris experience becomes a memory of a lifetime.

Please contact us to help plan your Paris vacation. We are pleased to help!

But more than that, Paris makes you feel alive.
Makes you want to feel alive.
You want to do and be and savor when you are here.
You want to feel, simply feel, and it doesn’t matter what.
All sensation is heightened.
Paris makes you want to cry and laugh and fall in love and write a poem and make love and compose a symphony.

(Harlan Coben -- Long Lost)

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