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“I spent some time with my friend yesterday --- mere minutes in the day, seconds in the week, practically non-existent in the span of total time. We walked the streets surrounded by people who weren’t really there - we talked in whispers, exploring each other’s pasts, likes, and dislikes; questioning the future; groping for answers that weren’t really there. We knew there was no way of turning back, no way to stop the force and feelings that drove us on. For that brief moment we were lost to the world. We talked, we laughed, we loved, we felt each other’s heart beat, and we felt the surge of warmth and uncontrollable ecstasy which made the thought of saying “goodbye” that much more painful. The remainder of the day passed all too quickly. Again, we touched, again we held each other and sought comfort and calm from the strength of one another. We were acutely aware
that the day and hours we so treasured were drawing to a close. One last touch, one last embrace, one last kiss for we
knew not when the time would come again. If I could only take all the pain and confusion away from my friend and bear it
myself, I surely would. You see, I love my friend.”

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