Our Property Search Services

Searching thousands of apartment listings to find the best Paris properties takes experience. Knowledgeable and detail oriented, we'll find the hidden gems of the Paris real estate market for you!

Our Property Search Services

In addition to our search services, we will help you successfully navigate the purchase process; advise you on remodeling and returns on investment; introduce you to trusted and honest builders.

Advice on remodeling opportunities, costs and returns

Philippe and I have remodeled over 60 apartments in Paris, so we understand the why’s and how’s of remodeling, including specific costs and return on investment. We will introduce you to trusted architects, interior designers and builders.

We will also help you understand the trade-offs for your remodeling investment. For instance, we had a client who was looking at two apartments:  a gorgeous one bedroom in the 7th arrondissement for €850,000 + remodel cost of €125,000 = €975,000, and a larger, two bedroom in the 10th arrondissement for €800,000 + remodel cost of €200,000 = €1,000,000.  Almost the same investment, we looked at the tradeoff in terms of resale value:  we told him if you never plan to sell your apartment and love the 10th arrondissement, then go for it. However, if you may sell one day, the story is the same in any city in the world – location, location, location!  The apartment in the 7th was a much better long-term investment.

Evaluation of rental potential and expected income

With our vast experience and success in the rental market with Paris Perfect rentals, we can expertly advise you as to real rental viability and income for your apartment.  Many search agencies can only give you hypotheticals; we give you numbers you can count on.

What Does Our Property Search Service Cost?

Consultation Fee  
An initial phone or personal consultation for about an hour is completely free.

Remuneration & Exclusivity
We charge nothing up front for the extensive work we do to find the ideal apartment.  We are only paid upon success. Therefore, we ask that we are given a fair chance to do our job for you. Clients agree to work with our team exclusively for their search for a minimum three month period of time. During this period, if you identify a property that you are interested in, you would forward the information to our search expert who will include it in the total pool of apartments to be thoroughly researched and evaluated.

Our search fees are at least 50% lower than the average real estate agency commission rate (real estate agencies generally charge 6% commission). We will confirm our exact fee to you once we understand your personal search details, but generally, our fee is 3% of the property price including agent fees, plus 20% VAT(value added tax). Importantly, our fee is only due once you have found your ideal property, had an offer accepted, and legally completed the purchase process. The agreement can be cancelled at any time with 15 days’ notice by sending a written request via email.

We believe it’s important for buyers to know that we will never rush your search.  The reason is that it can take months and, in a few cases, even years to find that perfect property for our buyers – because each apartment, each building, each street and location are unique.  There are so many apartments we call ‘almost, but not perfect’. And very few that have the perfect combination.  Please read more about our tips here, including

We do not waste time presenting sub-standard apartments and we will happily show you what we’ve viewed and why we’ve turned it down. Once you’ve found the right apartment, our help does not stop there.  We not only  help you manage the purchase process, we can recommend a trusted mortgage advisor and help you thru the purchase with a trusted Notaire – and introduce you to trusted builders and designers who can help you remodel your apartment.

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Our Property Search Services


Who Can I Contact for More Information?

If you would more information about our services, please get in touch.  We would be pleased to answer your questions and help you find that perfect property that meets all your needs.

You can email me personally at: [email protected]

Happy property hunting!

Madelyn Byrne
Paris Perfect



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