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Premiere vacation rental company, Paris Perfect, has developed a way to make your dream of owing an apartment in Paris a reality, at an extremely affordable price. We created Paris Perfect Shared, which is deeded home ownership that represents four weeks per year, in a beautifully remodeled, luxury apartment, located in the very best Paris neighborhood.

We believe the fractional, or shared home ownership, concept is a reemerging trend brought about by technology that enables many of us to work from almost anywhere in the world. Why not enjoy life in a favorite city for four weeks each year? Our shared ownership program maximizes the enjoyment of your time in Paris, without the costs and hassles of full-time overseas vacation home ownership.

Ownership is divided into 13 shares that includes four weeks each year. This is NOT a timeshare property or vacation club. You physically own part of the apartment, meaning you participate in the real estate value of the apartment; your shares are fully deeded and can be sold or passed on to loved ones.

We studied other fractional models and decided the concept was a natural extension of our property management and remodeling business – and that we could do it better. We have over two decades of experience of finding the most desirable vacation apartments in Europe, remodeling them to the highest standards at predictable construction schedules and providing ongoing management and maintenance at extremely low rates. With shared ownership of a beautiful apartment, at exceptionally affordable all-inclusive annual fees and experienced turnkey management, your Paris home-away-from-home beckons.




Situated in the picturesque 7th arrondissement, on the Seine’s left bank, this beautiful apartment is located on rue Saint-Dominique, one of the best streets in Paris, just around the corner from the famous rue Cler market street. Gros-Caillou is, without a doubt, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Paris.



Settle into a fabulous stay, in the heart of the exclusive 7th arrondissement, at the Crémant apartment. This charming studio/junior one-bedroom apartment is located near the famous rue Cler market street, with a picture-perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. If you’ve wanted to own an affordable pied à terre in Paris, and enjoy it for a month each year, Crémant is it.



Buyers asked for a larger pied à terre apartment in Paris, and Beaune is the perfect answer. It features an open plan kitchen, Eiffel Tower views, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and the best location on Paris’ Left Bank! As one happy owner wrote, “Beaune is the best investment/purchase I’ve ever made.”



Renovated to the highest standards and meticulously decorated by a renowned design team, the one-bedroom Cairanne apartment has a spacious, sunlit living room, with French doors that open to the small balcony with Eiffel Tower views.



When we launched our first fractional in early 2019, the Cairanne apartment, it fulfilled our vision to offer travelers a deeper cultural connection through home ownership, without the overwhelming financial and time commitment of buying, renovating and maintaining a property abroad. To our delight, our clients responded enthusiastically and Cairanne sold out within two weeks, with a waiting list. Our second launch, the Beaune apartment, sold out rapidly as well. That success, and the waiting list of interested clients, confirmed our belief in this concept, which we continue to expand within Paris and to other European cities.

Want to learn more about Paris Perfect Shared? Email us at [email protected] for more information. We are currently renovating a one-bedroom apartment with Eiffel Tower views that already has a waiting list!

How Will I Choose My Weeks? | Paris Shared Ownership Fractional

How Will I Choose My Weeks?

That’s a great question to have when it comes to staying in Paris, because there is never a bad time to visit Paris; every season is special. There’s winter with Paris chef’s focusing on their new menus that include dishes with the best of the season: from oysters to seasonal pumpkin, squash and truffles – to the latest museum exhibitions, design fairs, lovely long walks, lectures at the American Library and much more! Click here for more information about choosing your weeks.

FAQs About Our Fractional Offerings

FAQs About Our Fractional Offerings

Answers to your important questions about fractional or shared ownership including: how the premier vacation rental company in Europe launched this successful concept, how these are the best apartments at reasonable prices – making it the only solution to an extended stay in Paris every year. Find answers to questions including how ownership weeks work, whether you need a French bank account (no), and does the low annual budget cover all expenses – special benefits for owners, and even what locations are Perfect Shared planning next? Click here.

Questions Answered about Fractional Ownership

In this video, Maddy, the co-founder of Paris Perfect and Paris Perfect Shared, discusses the concept of fractional ownership, as well as how this lifestyle works and appeals to a growing number of professional and retired people around the world. Paris Perfect Shared provides the opportunity to own a piece of Paris without the hassle and financial commitment of full ownership.


What Our Owners Say About Us

“Thank you so much for allowing me to stay at the Conti. It confirmed that I made the right decision to buy. It was beautifully designed and the floor plan perfect. So appreciate the second bath. I can’t wait to return next year.”

Angela J. - Des Moines, Iowa

“Cremant is perfect for my needs, with its Eiffel Tower view, great location and lovely design. It's comforting to stay at my own apartment rather than a different hotel or apartment. The Paris Perfect team makes sure it's in perfect condition every time I stay in Paris.”

Karla M. - Palm Beach County, Florida

“I committed to buying two shares of Conti before the renovations were even completed. It was clearly elegantly appointed, had an amazing location and accessibly priced. Because of fractional ownership, I was able to make my dream of living in Paris a few months per year a reality, without the hassle of full-time ownership. Thanks to Paris Perfect Shared, I have ownership in a luxurious and chic apartment, similar to those that I’ve rented on vacation through Paris Perfect.”

Natalie R. - Boulder, Colorado

“I bought the last share of the Conti fractional, and I will never forget the moment I saw the ‘It is yours!’ email in my inbox. It was not only the beautiful apartment, but also the well thought out legal contract and fractional concept that makes it feasible for a foreign buyer to own property in Europe.”

Jennifer H. - Beaverton, Oregon


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