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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

From how our company began to how to plan a romantic final night in Paris, we have the answer to your questions. Learn more about every aspect of the Paris Perfect vacation experience.

About Paris Perfect

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About Paris Perfect

How did Paris Perfect get started?

Paris Perfect is a luxury Paris apartment rental business that has grown from one special Paris rental in the heart of the city to now offering a handpicked selection of properties. The idea began when Frenchman and former cardiac surgeon, Philippe, traded in the operating room for more entrepreneurial pursuits. He and his American wife, Madelyn, had the idea to share their love of Paris and "la vie Parisienne" with visitors by providing beautiful apartments to rent in their favorite neighborhoods. We invite you to read more how we got started and the Paris Perfect philosophy on our About Us page.


What makes Paris Perfect different?

What makes Paris Perfect special is that we have a local office in Paris, staffed by fulltime people and open 7 days per week to greet and help guests. We are not a virtual agency located on the internet or 8 time zones away. We are proud to boast that we have the most helpful team in Paris. We are the only company in Paris with a Welcome Center open 7 days a week. Guests tell us again and again how they appreciate our Paris base, knowing we’re just around the corner. Read more about our Paris rentals here...

We hand-select our apartments with care. As you browse through our website you will see the beautiful period features and furnishings, the charming neighbourhoods and a map showing you all the different sites and landmarks you can visit. Why not contact our friendly Paris reservations team and make a booking to experience the real life "Paris Perfect".


How do we know you're legitimate?

Paris Perfect is a long-standing member of the Better Business Bureau of Massachusetts. Our Paris vacation rentals have also been featured in numerous publications, magazines, TV features and more, such as The New York Times, Travel + Leisure Magazine, BusinessWeek Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Rick Steves’ Paris and France travel guidebooks, the Sydney Herald and The Fine Living Channel. Read what the media and press have been saying about Paris Perfect.

We believe our best advocates are our previous guests and you may read the hundreds of comments and opinions about staying at Paris Perfect by guests on our Reviews Pages. We invite you to pore through them!


I've always stayed in hotels in Paris. What are the advantages of staying in an apartment?

We believe that staying in an apartment rental is the only way to travel and is an excellent alternative to renting a hotel room. Most hotel rooms in Paris are extremely small and everything costs extra. We provide free unlimited high-speed wireless internet, and most of our apartments offer unlimited phone service to most foreign countries, a complimentary welcome basket with a bottle of wine and starter amenities on arrival. When a glass of Coke can cost $15 at in a hotel bar, the benefits of having a a beautifully furnished apartment that includes kitchen, comfortable living room to relax, and gorgeous views becomes obvious.

When you reserve, we offer you of a list of fabulous Paris resources, including restaurant recommendations and things to do. We can also recommend an excellent concierge who will help plan your stay, recommend tours, day trips, cooking classes and more.


When is a hotel the right choice for our Paris trip?

Renting a vacation apartment isn't for everyone. If you are someone who needs room service, a front desk and daily maid service, or if you have disabilities that require specific adaptations, you may wish to consider whether a rental apartment is for you. However, if you relish the idea of living like a Parisian in a beautiful location with all the comforts of home, then a Paris vacation rental could be an ideal choice for your vacation.


Paris Perfect Vacation Rentals

What makes your Paris vacation apartments so great?

Simple: we want you to enjoy an unforgettable Paris stay, which means staying in a beautiful apartment in the heart of Paris where you can savor and enjoy your stay from the moment you step through the front door. We carefully choose only the best apartments and locations in Paris - those rare apartments with outward facing views, located on the higher floors in old buildings (and with a lift to get you there). Our motto is quantity, and in some cases we work with the owner for a year or more to remodel their apartment to our standards.

Location is everything! Our apartments are set in charming neighborhoods in the heart of Paris where you can step outside each morning and explore, from special fashion boutiques, to excellent and affordable bistros, to being walking distance to landmarks and museums. Your time is precious and staying in a beautiful apartment with special friends and family and enjoying the sunset over Paris rooftops makes memories of a lifetime.


Are your apartments centrally located? Close to landmarks, monuments, fashion boutiques and restaurants?

Time is your most precious commodity and we believe you should stay in authentic Paris neighborhoods in the heart of Paris where you can walk to monuments, fashion boutiques, open air markets and excellent restaurants. You'll love experiencing the authentic Parisian lifestyle, shopping at a nearby market for the best camembert cheese, wine and paté to eat with a fresh baguette and salad for lunch before heading to visit an exhibit at a nearby museum

Set out each morning to visit stunning landmarks and museums in Paris, then head to your apartment for lunch or simply to rest your tired feet! At night, the City is yours - dine at a local restaurant or take in the sites of Paris by night. Most apartments are a stone's throw to the Musée d'Orsay, the Louvre, the Rodin Museum, the best Paris open air markets, the Eiffel Tower, the famous rue Cler market street, the Bon Marché’s wonderful food store called the Grande Epicerie, the Invalides, the romantic river Seine and, of course, the trendiest shopping in Paris. Excellent local bistros, cafés, bistros that the locals frequent and fine dining surround you. Our apartments are a short walk to the local Metro, RER and bus lines so when you want to visit outer arrondissements, such as Montmartre or have a picnic at Versailles, they are easily accessible.


Do you also recommend good, affordable restaurants near our apartment where Paris locals dine?

Absolutely! When you reserve an apartment with Paris Perfect, we'll send you our detailed information packet with a long list of our favorites restaurants, cafés and markets surrounding your apartment, along with local anecdotes about the owners and the restaurant reputations. Our guests love reading it and tell us they’ll need to come back to visit them all.

Our Paris apartments are all centrally located in charming neighborhoods that have a wonderful village-like atmosphere. You’ll find numerous bistros, restaurants and cafés where the locals go to for reasonable prices. Enjoy exploring the seemingly endless options of bakeries in the neighborhood to find your favorite croissant or pastries to start your day. You’ll especially love discovering the open air markets nearby, where the locals go to go buy fresh foods from the countryside. We will provide you with everything you need to wake up each morning and step out your door to experience daily life as a Parisian!


Are the neighborhoods surrounding your apartments safe?

Yes! The neighborhoods surrounding our apartments are unquestionably among the safest neighborhoods in Paris (our staff who work here agree), so you’ll feel comfortable taking evening strolls after dinner. We don't want you to arrive at your apartment after an all-night plane trip, only to find a shock when you step out of your taxi and worry about walking around on your own. As a result, we restrict our offerings to neighborhoods where we ourselves feel comfortable walking around at night.

Our Paris apartments have buildings with digicode panels outside and most have locked inner lobby doors. The apartment doors are steel-reinforced for extra security with the best quality locks. Most of our apartments come with a safe where you can store your valuables.


Most of the apartments we've seen face the inside building walls. Yours are primarily on upper floors with Paris views. Does it make a difference?

We believe that every moment of your vacation is precious, to be savored and enjoyed to the fullest. Most of our apartments offer spectacular views, making you pinch yourself that you’re really in Paris when you wake up each morning. And cherish each sunset in the company of friends and loved ones each evening.

These apartments are scarce and we smile when agencies turn inner-facing apartments into advantages by mentioning how quiet they are. For Parisians, the apartments facing the inner courtyard are where the rubbish bins are stored and are less desirable than outward ones.

Please note: Most of our apartments are located on the most desirable upper floors with beautiful views of the city and Paris monuments. Just a few of our favorites are the Bergerac luxury Paris apartment, the Champagne, the Quincy Short Term apartment rental or the Layon. However, we also offer a few budget priced apartments that are similar to most Paris offerings that are located on inner courtyards, such as the Pastis and Provence. They offer good value, especially compared to tiny hotel rooms in Paris. Plus, they have the added advantage of kitchens, living and dining areas. They receive good reviews from our guests for their amenities, location and value.


Do your apartments have elevator access?

Since nearly all of our apartments are located on upper levels for natural light and excellent views, it is important to us that they have elevator access for your comfort. All but two of our apartments have elevators.

The two exceptions are the Echezaux and the Chateau Doree. These are lovely apartments and we feel the amenities outweigh the climb. Elevator access is clearly noted in the apartment description.

Please note that most elevators were installed in Paris buildings long after the buildings were erected, meaning there are often space limitations. Most Paris elevators are smaller than you are used to, and some are extremely small. If you have any questions, concerns or needs, please contact us for more information.


Are your apartments air conditioned?

Yes, the majority of our apartments have the benefit of air conditioning, a rare feature in Paris that most apartments and even hotels don't offer. This information is noted on the individual apartment page. Our vacation rentals also offer fans for in-between days. Because most of the apartments are in historically protected buildings, air conditioning requires portable units. They are very efficient, although they don’t cool to the sub-zero temperature of US buildings. For more details about specific apartments, please don't hesitate to ask our Paris reservations team.


What about noise?

Our apartments are located in the best areas of Paris, which implies busy neighborhoods. Almost all apartments windows have double-glazing (please see each apartment description for details), the same used by luxury hotels. As a result, most of the apartments are extremely quiet. We think our apartments offer the best of both: a fabulous view and a good night's sleep. If you are a very light sleeper, please don't hesitate to ask which apartment we would recommend.


Are your apartments fully equipped, or do we need to bring anything?

We want you to feel at home in Paris the minute you arrive, so we equip apartments with everything from bed linens to towels, appliances, good dishes and complete cookware. We describe each apartment in thorough detail on our site. Wherever possible, we have installed large refrigerator/freezers, ovens, separate microwaves (or combination microwaves/convections ovens when space is restricted), washer/dryers, toasters, coffee makers, espresso machines, wireless DSL, US - standard DVD players (so you can bring a selection of your own movies) and even safes for your valuables. We can also loan you converters for your laptop computer.


Do you provide electric converters and hairdryers?

Yes, we provide hairdryers in all of our apartments as well as plug converters for your computer, camera chargers, etc.

Information about Converters and Transformers in Europe: Voltage is France is 220 V compared to 110 V in the U.S. Some appliances, such as electric curlers or American hairdryers need transformers. However, portable computers already have transformers (the heavy box in the middle of your cord) so no need to worry there. You can buy transformers at Radio Shack alternatively we usually have a small supply of electric transformers in the local office should you need one.


What happens if there is a problem during our stay, a broken appliance, etc.?

We hoped you would ask! This is our strongest point and sets us apart from most Paris rentals and hotels. The advantage you have in renting a Paris Perfect Apartment is that you are dealing directly with us, the exclusive managers. Our philosophy is simple: if it needs fixing, get it done as quickly as possible. As a result, we are able to change small appliances and do most repairs within a few hours.

All Paris employees speak fluent English and will help any way they can - from finding a good doctor who makes house calls, to recommending a good chef or hairdresser. They have even helped a guest locate a lost child. Our guests tell us that this personal service is what makes us different, and the reason they come back to Paris Perfect year after year.


Do you use outside contractors to clean and maintain your apartments?

We utilise a dedicated team of cleaners and greeters, a key difference between Paris Perfect and most rental companies in Paris, who employee temporary contractors for cleaning and services. Labor is costly in France and we understand why they choose contractors, but our guests tell us time and again that our apartments are the cleanest and nicest in Paris, and these are the words we like to hear.

We believe that there’s no replacement for using a reliable agency with a "head of housekeeping" who can check that everything is in place and spotless before a guest arrives. In addition, members of our management team stay in the apartments on a regular basis to check for repairs and improvements.


I love the idea of shopping at local open air food markets and preparing meals in my apartment. Are the best markets nearby and are the kitchens fully equipped?

Shopping at our local open air food markets and local food shops is one of the nicest treats when about renting an apartment in Paris compared to staying in a hotel. For Parisians, food is one of the most pleasurable pastimes. Equally important, guests save money when they stay in an apartment since they can choose between meals you prepare at home and dining out at local restaurants.

When you reserve, our information booklet includes all our favorite local boulangeries, boucheries, fromageries, patisseries and open markets in the neighborhood so you can sample and enjoy. Just walk by any bakery and see the artful displays of bread, pastries and chocolates and you’ll agree! The kitchens in our apartments are completely remodeled and outfitted for your comfort and convenience. You’ll find everything you need to prepare and enjoy a home cooked meal while surrounded by elegant and modern designs. Just take a look at the slide show photographs of our apartments and you’ll see the attention to detail and pretty touches in each kitchen.


Are the pictures of your Paris apartments and views accurate representations of what we will be renting?

Yes, the apartment pictures are re-taken regularly. We take the pictures ourselves and despite our amateur efforts, the stunning views from the living rooms and balconies stand out for themselves. Importantly, we constantly maintain and repaint our apartments, making improvements during the quiet months. This way there are no surprises when you walk in the door of your apartment. We do change the soft furnishings (cushions, throws, etc) on a regular basis to replace with clean ones, but we try to maintain the overall look and feel in the apartment.


How do you help us to enjoy our stay in Paris?

When you rent a vacation apartment in Paris from us, our goal is for you to have an exceptional vacation, experiencing life as a Parisian. Before you arrive we send you our own guide to the neighborhood surrounding your apartment full of all sorts of insider tips that you cannot get anywhere else. Our guests love it. Here's just a taster of the information it contains:

  • A long list of our favorite restaurants and cafés in the quartier
  • Guide to the local Parisian open markets with opening hours, etc.
  • Great web sites for information on monuments and tour ideas
  • Our favorite shops in the quartier
  • General ideas on shopping in Paris with important hints and tips on places to go
  • Ideas for families and children activities in Paris
  • Cooking classes in Paris and language classes
  • Introduction to one of the best concierge services in Paris, should you desire assistance to book tours, excursions, cooking classes and more
  • Guide to local shops and stories about the neighborhood

You can also browse our website for more information about our favorite Paris neighborhoods, such as the articles about the 7th arrondissement in Paris, all about the 6th arrondissement in Paris and more.

We will also recommend a reliable taxi driver and we meet all our guests on arrival at the apartment.


May we contact previous guests of your Paris apartments for references?

Absolutely! We have a large guest book on our site which former guests can access directly and leave comments. Many leave their names and email addresses so you can contact them directly.


Would Paris Perfect like to donate a stay in one of your properties as an auction item to raise money for our charitable cause?

Thank you for thinking of us for your charity fundraising efforts. We are happy to work with your organization's members if they would like to sponsor a stay and underwrite the cost. Paris Perfect will work with the member to define the terms and value. We will provide a voucher along with photos and copy for the auction catalog in the name of the sponsor after terms have been agreed to and payment has been received by Paris Perfect so that the underwriter can donate it as an auction item.


Renting Your Paris Perfect Apartment


Are the rental prices of your Paris apartments all-inclusive?

There are no "hidden fees" in your reservation. All guests pay for just two things: the nightly rental and the accidental damage waiver. The nightly rental rate for each property includes the cost of the following: - See more at:
There are no "hidden fees" in your reservation. All guests pay for just two things: the nightly rental and the accidental damage waiver. The nightly rental rate for each property includes the cost of the following: - See more at:

All guests pay for the nightly rental rate and the non-refundable accidental damage waiver. We also ask for a refundable Key & Cleaning deposit. The nightly rental rate includes the following:

  • The amentities listed for each apartment that may include free calls to most landlines throughout the world, free high-speed internet, cable television and Nespresso machine with starter supply of coffee pods
  • Welcome basket of amenities upon arrival
  • Parid Guide with apartment details and loads of information about Paris and your neighborhood
  • Personally welcomed at your apartment by friendly, English-speaking greeters
  • Guest welcome center open 7 day per week
  • Luxury cotton towels, high thread count sheet sets, bath soaps and hand lotion
  • Starter supplies of dishwaser and laundry soaps, garbage bags and paper towels
  • Prices include taxes and commissions

Please note that normal utility usage is included. We kindly ask our guests to switch off the air conditioning or lower the heat when they are out of the apartment for several hours because electricity prices in France are very high. In a few cases, guests have left windows open while the air conditioning or heating were running, which led to extremely high utility bills. We were obliged to charge them for the excess charge. However, we have never taken advantage of a guest with unfair charges.



What is the Accidental Damage Waiver?

At Paris Perfect we pride ourselves on offering fine apartments filled with nice furnishings, antiques, fine linens and top-of-the-line appliances. We want you to feel at home and enjoy every moment of your stay in Paris without having to worry about any “What ifs?” should something happen. Because accidents happen, our goal is to ease your mind and minimize or eliminate your costs if they do. In order to make your stay as worry free as possible all guests are required to purchase a non-refundable Accidental Damage Waiver that covers you for accidental damage and/or breakages up to US$1,500 per stay. The price is €39 for apartments with a nightly rate up to €300 and €49 for all other apartments. 

The Accidental Damage Waiver covers incidents such as:

  • Knocked over antiques and lamps
  • Broken kitchenware, crystal and porcelain
  • Accidental spills on furniture and rugs
  • Stains on bedspreads and linens
  • Marks and scuffs on walls or furniture
  • Damage or costs to repair electrical appliances that break through no fault of your own

The Accidental Damage Waiver does not cover:

  • Costs incurred due to negligence or irresponsible conduct
  • Extensive cleaning
  • Costs to replace property keys – covered by Key & Cleaning Deposit
  • Costs for accidental damages in excess of the maximum US $1,500 coverage limit
  • Damage or loss that is not disclosed prior to check out
  • Theft, loss or damage of any property owned or brought onto the premises by a covered guest

Please note: The non-refundable waiver does not negate your responsibility as a Tenant to be respectful of owner’s property and leave the apartment neat and tidy on departure. To avoid erroneous blame, guests must notify the greeter or Paris office by email or telephone if anything is amiss when you arrive at the apartment. Damages not reported or that are the result of negligence/intentional acts are not covered under this plan.  If there are costs or damages that are not covered by the Accidental Damage Waiver, we will reduce them by the amount of the otherwise refundable Key & Cleaning Deposit.



What is the Key & Cleaning Deposit?

Although you never expect it to happen to you, keys can sometimes go missing. Please keep a close eye on your keys! Replacing keys and locks is very expensive in Paris. Many apartments have special building keys and complex security locks that need to be replaced for insurance purposes when keys are lost. To cover the costs of key replacement, you will be charged a refundable Key & Cleaning Deposit. This Deposit also covers some costs not covered by the Accidental Damage Waiver.

The way in which the Key & Cleaning Deposit is collected varies depending on the apartment you have booked. 

  • Key & Cleaning Deposit paid upon arrival in Paris
    For the majority of our apartments, we will swipe your credit card when you arrive in Paris and obtain a pre-authorization, similar to auto rentals and most hotels. The amount is typically €300 but can vary between apartments; please refer to your booking confirmation email for further information. After you depart, your apartment will be checked to confirm it was left tidy, no malicious damage or loss of items such as keys. If all is well, your card will not be charged. In the unlikely event of loss, malicious damage or extraordinary cleaning, your card will be charged for the amount to cover the costs.  
  • Key & Cleaning Deposit paid prior to arriving in Paris (via secure message board)
    For some apartments, we require that you authorize the Key & Cleaning Deposit prior to making final payment for your accommodation. As above, your apartment will be checked upon departure to confirm it was left tidy and with no loss of items such as keys. If all is well, your card deposit will not be charged. In the unlikely event of loss, damage or extraordinary cleaning, your card will be charged for the amount to cover the costs.



What is your minimum length of stay in your vacation apartments?

Our minimum stay is for seven nights. For extra nights beyond the first week, we simply prorate the weekly rental rate. Occasionally, we can accommodate stays of less than one week (for 5 or 6 nights) if there is a gap between bookings. Please contact reservations and we'll be happy to assist you.



Are your rentals from Saturday to Saturday only?

No, you may arrive any day of the week according to availability for a one week stay or longer. We think this is more convenient for you and allows you to get the best travel fares.



How far ahead should we book our stay?

It's difficult to answer, but the best apartments with balconies and views are booked up to a year in advance, often by returning guests. We recommend that you contact us for availability as soon as you have your vacation dates. Sometimes we have last-minute cancellations, so please don't hesitate to contact us and ask.



How do we book one of your Paris vacation rental apartments?

Please contact us to confirm availability, and we'll help you plan your stay. Once you decide to book, we will send you detailed instructions on the next steps. We ask for 50% payment now and the remainder of the payment plus Key & Cleaning deposit 90 days before arrival. If you are arriving within 90 days, then we ask for full payment now. On receipt of deposit, we will send you detailed information to enjoy and to help you prepare for your trip, including arrival information and tips, apartment instructions and lists of fun things to do in the neighborhood and in Paris. For more details on payment and booking one of our Paris vacation rentals visit our Terms and Conditions page or simply email us.



What if we have a very early or very late arrival?

Check-in time is 3:30 p.m. and check-out time is 10:00 a.m. the morning of your departure. However, we know that international flights often mean that guests arrive early, and we do all that we can to accommodate them. When you arrive, we are the only company to have a Welcome Office in Paris, open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., where you can store your luggage, go out and enjoy a good breakfast or lunch, then return later to check in. If you have a flight arriving extremely early in the morning, many guests arrange to rent their apartment beginning the previous day so that the apartment is clean and they can check in when they arrive.

If you’re arriving after 7:00 p.m. there will be a €75.00 Euro late arrival fee. Please note that we do not generally have staff available for arrivals after 10:00 p.m.



Once we arrive in Paris, how do we get in? Is there someone who will greet us, explain how things work and give us neighborhood tips?

Once you book with Paris Perfect, we will recommend a trusted taxi service who can pick you up at the airport and bring you to the apartment. They'll even call us to say you’re on your way. When you arrive at your apartment, a friendly greeter will meet you at your apartment and personally welcome you. All greeters speak fluent English and are eager to help, from explaining how to use the appliances to shopping and restaurant ideas in the neighborhood and fun things to do in Paris.

Being on the ground to help you is important, because when you arrive in a different country so many things are different, even the door locks. And while simple to operate when you know how, entry systems, hallway lights and keys can be a little complicated the first time round. We do not send keys in the post or leave them under the mat - our guest’s safety and security is important to us. We have heard of stranded guests who arrived at their apartment and couldn't get in. After trying to reach their "local contact," who did not pick up, they had to check into a hotel until they could reach offices in America. We prefer to start your Paris vacation off in the best possible way by greeting you with a friendly smile and answering as many questions as you may have!



We have young children; can you provide a crib for our baby and recommend a reputable babysitting service?

Yes, we can provide a porta-crib and linen on request at no additional charge and recommend an excellent babysitting service. Please be sure to ask before your arrival if we can help make your holiday in Paris with your children more comfortable and enjoyable.



Do you allow smoking?

I'm sorry, but all of our Paris apartment rentals are non smoking.



May we bring a small pet?

I'm sorry, but we do not allow any pets. Some of our guests may have allergies and we try to provide an antigen-free environment.



What is your cancellation policy and rental terms?

We know that accidents can happen and problems sometime arise, which is why we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance for your trip. Our cancellations policy in our terms and conditions is:

  • Cancelling more than 60 days before arrival date: Payments made are fully refundable, minus US $150 administration fee and applicable fee charged by bank to process the refund.
  • Cancelling between 60 and 30 days before arrival date: No refund unless dates are re-rented. Best efforts will be used to re-rent the dates. Should a refund be provided, refund will be 75% of the amount collected for the re-rented days.
  • Cancelling 30 days or less prior to arrival date: Rent payment is non-refundable.
  • Refunds will be processed in US Dollars and refunded to your credit card or bank account.

You can read our full terms and condition here

We strongly encourage you to take out adequate insurance to protect you in the event you need to cancel, failure to do so could be a very expensive economy. When you book, you can download travel insurance forms (one with and the other without medical coverage) from Travelex. Travelex is one of several vendors; we're happy with them, kids are covered free, but it is your responsibility to make your own decision as to insurance vendor.


The Perfect Paris Vacation

Can you offer some advice in general on renting apartments in Paris?

There is a wide variety of choices available to you in Paris with a choice of neighborhoods, standards, and furnishings - from basic to the sublime. Please click here for tips on what to look for when renting an apartment in Paris.


Do you have any travel tips for our stay in Paris?

Yes, we offer loads of tips and ideas for your Paris vacation! Here are a few links to help you plan your Paris vacation:

You can also visit our Paris Perfect Blog as well, where we share stories, photos, information recipes and travel tips for things to do in Paris. Or subscribe to us on Twitter and Facebook for current updates about Paris.


What's the best way to get to our apartment from the airport or train station?

When you reserve we recommend a trusted taxi service who we have worked with for years. They can pick you up at the airport, call our greeters to let them know you’re on your way and then drop you off at your apartment or our welcome center.


What if there is construction going on in the building?

If there is construction going on in the building we will let you know as soon as possible. Unfortunately, owners are not required to let other owners know about planned building works and there are times when we have no advance warning. This is frustrating for us, and we do our best to stay informed. If it does happen, we promise to work with you to find the best solution for your particular situation.


What kind of weather should I expect and how should I pack?

Paris' climate doesn’t usually have the extremes of some cities such as Boston or New York. While it is warm in the summer and cold in the winter, it is rarely suffocating or bitterly cold.

When you pack, be prepared for changes from day to day - some days may start out warm and sunny, then cool off and require sweaters or jackets. Jackets with hoods are always a good idea.


Can you recommend a concierge service who can book tours, restaurants and more?

Yes, when you book we can put you in touch with one of the best concierge services in Paris who will help you plan your stay.


I'm coming to Paris to celebrate a special birthday/anniversary/special occasion. What can you do to make my stay in Paris simply unforgettable?

Paris is the perfect destination for celebrating special occasions, and we will help your Paris vacation become a memory of a lifetime with our concierge services and packages tailored to your needs. Our special occasion packages include chilled champagne and gourmet Parisian treats upon your arrival. We share our address book with you, including trusted concierge and customized service providers to make this moment in your life unforgettable.


I'm planning a romantic honeymoon in Paris. How can you help?

Paris has an undeniable air of romance - the colors of the sunset rippling across the Seine, the magical light show glittering on the Eiffel Tower, endless choices of charming restaurants, and medieval cobblestone streets to discover - that makes it a wonderful honeymoon destination. Our apartments are the perfect choice for your honeymoon, where you can celebrate in a luxurious apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower in a private and romantic setting. We can help make your honeymoon a memory of a lifetime with our special concierge services and special occasion packages. Visit our I Love You Package for details on how we can make your honeymoon a dream come true from the moment you step through the door!


Where are the best shopping spots in Paris?

One of the pleasures of visiting Paris is the wonderful shopping! You'll love discovering all of the fashion boutiques, from the from the classic Haute Couture names to the trendy new designers. Visit our Paris shopping guide for ideas of the must-see areas and to read about our favorite shopping streets, best Paris department stores, antique shops, flea markets and much more. One of the advantages of staying in our apartments in the 7th arrondissement is that you'll be just a stone’s throw from the "Triangle d'Or" - the home of Parisian Haute Couture. Shoppers will love staying in our Musigny apartment in the 1st arrondissement, which is located near the fabulous rue de Rivoli shopping street and the popular shopping area of Les Halles. We carefully select our apartments to be near the best shopping streets and open air markets in Paris.


Can you recommend any cooking classes in Paris?

Yes, we have an extensive list of cooking classes and lessons in Paris ranging from exclusive cooking experiences with some of Paris' top chefs to family-friendly lessons for young children. We include detailed information about each one so you can find the perfect cooking class in Paris to fit your desire and experience. Learning to cook in Paris is a memorable experience, and we hope you'll consider taking a cooking class during your stay.


Where can I take French lessons in Paris?

We've put together a detailed list of many different locations where to take French lessons in Paris. There are many wonderful possibilities for learning French in Paris, whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn this beautiful language, or if you’d just like to brush up on that high school or college French during your holiday in Paris, even options for advanced speakers wanting to hone their skills. Our Learning French in Paris page offers a thorough list of year round and summer French courses for adults and children as well as conversation groups you can join around Paris.


Information on how to get around Paris

You can buy tickets for the Metro at a ticket window or vending machine, which work on the metro and on local buses. We recommend you buy a carnet (pronounced ‘car-nay’) of 10 tickets which are cheaper than the regular single ticket price. Our apartments are located within 5 minutes of the closest metro station. Metro service runs from about 5am until quite late, but it differs with each line.

If you plan to use the metro a bit more, you can buy a travel pass called the "Paris Visite," for 1, 2, 3, or 5 days. Check online at - just click the little British flag on the top right-hand corner for English.


Advice on tipping in France?

Tipping in France is different from many countries. Rather than the obligatory 15% - 20%, a tip is a gesture of thanks for good service. For example, If you order a drink, leave a small amount of change on the table, around 30c per drink

Taxis: generally tip them 10%
For a simple meal for two, leave a few euros
For a great meal, leave € 5 to € 10

Hairdressers: a 10% tip is acceptable to the hairdresser and a few euros to the person who shampoos your hair.
For a weekly clean of your apartment a tip of € 5 to € 20 is a nice thank you gesture.


Information on Museums and tickets?

Click here for information on Paris museums, opening hours, prices, buying a Paris museum pass, avoiding queues and more.


Did we forget to answer something?

Please don't hesitate to ask!


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