Parc Monceau: A Paris Park for Art Lovers

Parc Monceau: A Paris Park for Art Lovers

Join us on an artistic stroll through Parc Monceau, one of the prettiest parks in Paris, that has inspired artists since the 18th century. ... Read More

The Perfect Family-Friendly & Group Stays in Paris at La Place Dauphine

If you’re planning a family or group trip to Paris, here’s why La Place Dauphine is your perfect address in the City of Light! ... Read More

Introducing the Stunning Syrah from Paris Perfect Shared

The finishing touches are complete and we’re excited to reveal the new Syrah apartment from Paris Perfect Shared – our popular fractional co-ownership program. ... Read More

Celebrating Spring in Paris with Georgianna Lane

Join us in celebrating the beauty of spring in Paris with Georgianna Lane, an author and photographer, who captures the magic Paris in bloom. ... Read More

The Signature Hermès Scarves at Paris Perfect Shared

Go behind the scenes to find out how vintage Hermès scarves became the much-loved signature for our Paris Perfect Shared apartments. ... Read More

How Long Does it Take to Fly to Paris and How to Prepare

There are many exciting parts to planning a vacation in Paris. If you are in the early stages, you might be wondering how long does it take to fly to Paris. Find out all our tips here! ... Read More

10 Classic Paris Experiences

Whether it’s your first trip or your home away from home, we’ve chosen 10 classic Paris experiences that make us fall in love with the City of Light. ... Read More

The Best Paris Art Exhibitions in 2022

We’ve rounded up 10 of the must-see exhibitions in Paris this spring and summer that you won’t want to miss. Lovers of art and culture will be spoiled in Paris in 2022! ... Read More

The Before & After Story of the Stunning Saint Emilion Apartment in Paris

Find a cozy spot and join us on the renovation journey of our beloved Saint Emilion apartment – with incredible before & after photos! ... Read More

French Winter Foods to Enjoy in Paris

Winter is a wonderful time to visit Paris and the crisp weather is the perfect time to try these comforting French winter foods. ... Read More

Why Christmas in Paris is Magical

Thinking of spending Christmas in Paris? Glittering lights, pretty decorations and Christmas markets create a magical atmosphere. ... Read More

Charming Paris Children’s Books: An Interview with Oliver Gee

Meet Oliver Gee and Lina Nordin Gee, the husband and wife team behind two charming Paris children’s books you’ll want on your bookshelf. Find out more about their creative process and the inspiration behind their whimsical books! ... Read More

5 Key Moments in History for Place Dauphine

Place Dauphine is one of the most charming squares in Paris and is packed with history. Find out 5 of the most fascinating moments in time, including when we opened the doors of our La Place Dauphine luxury apartment rentals in the heart of Paris! ... Read More

La Samaritaine: The Classic Paris Department Store Returns in Style

Department stores in Paris are wonderful shopping destinations, and iconic beauty La Samaritaine is a must-visit. Relaunched recently after a major redesign, this elegant emporium now boasts a strikingly modern look to match its inspiring wares. ... Read More

Seven Top Terraces for Dining in the 7th Arrondissement

While seeing the top sights is a must, one of the charms in Paris is sitting back at a little café and watching the world go by. We’re showcasing the best terraces of the 7th arrondissement for when you fancy having a drink or meal full of Parisian ambiance. ... Read More

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