Paris Current Market Update

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Paris Current Market Update

We’ve gathered together our must-read articles that are perfect for anyone interested in buying an investment property or second home in Paris. Here’s where you’ll find an in depth look at the latest trends in the Paris real estate market, information on buying and remodeling an apartment in Paris, and plenty of inspiration for finding your dream home in Paris!

2020 Paris Real Estate Report: Prices Expected to Increase

According to luxury real estate agency Knight Frank, Paris is expected to lead global cities in terms of price increases, predicting a 7% rise. If you scan our analyses over the past four years, we called it. Importantly, Paris is not becoming unaffordable, because much of the price increases over the past three years are playing catch up with other major cities in the world... Read More.

2019 Paris Real Estate Report: A Healthy Market Expected to Continue

Real estate in Paris has proven an excellent investment over the past four years, and we are proud to have predicted it. For 2019, we believe it will continue its upward path. In terms of leading indicators, both prices, as well as the volume of sales in Paris, continue to show healthy increases... Read More.

Paris Real Estate Hits a New Record in 2017

In 2017, it has been a bumper year for apartment sales in Paris, both in terms of price increases and volume of sales. According to a recent report by Notaires of Paris Ile-de-France (the representative of the buyer or seller and official of the State, who performs all the legal requirements and retains payments to complete a transaction), sales increased 21% year over year... Read More.

2017 Paris Real Estate Report: The 7-Year Itch

Ever wondered about Paris real estate and the current climate? Is it smart to buy an apartment now, or would you be better to wait? Owners of apartments, and active participants in the Paris real estate market, give a detailed look at the current market in Paris and what we might expect in the coming years, with respect to currency, politics and shifting economies.

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Paris Real Estate Update - Interview With Our Resident Expert

If you’ve been dreaming of owning your very own Parisian property, then it’s a good idea to become acquainted with the current state of the market – and that’s where our resident expert comes in! Madelyn is here to answer all the questions you didn’t even know you had about Paris real estate in 2017.

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Real Estate Market - Current Trends 2017

Looking back at market trends, 2016 was a healthy year for residential real estate in Paris. Both prices and the number of transactions rose steadily throughout the year. We expect 2017 to continue their steady trends, fueled by a weak Euro, low interest rates and Brexit.

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Bloomberg Article

We love helping people find their dream properties and guiding them through the process of owning a Paris apartment. In a recent article “How to Make Money From Your Second Home Without Lifting a Finger,” Madelyn’s expertise in Paris real estate market was recognized by, one of the leading sources for business and financial news in the world!

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What it's Really Like to Buy & Renovate a Paris Apartment

Finding, purchasing, renovating AND decorating a Paris apartment from 6,000 miles away?! Seems impossible – but it’s totally doable! The owners of the beautiful Monthelie apartment answer all your questions, from creative inspiration to logistical issues. If you’re considering buying in Paris, you’ll definitely want to read this interview first!

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