Searching for your own pied-à-terre in Paris? From help finding the very best apartments to adding the perfect final touches, we'll help transform your dream to own a Paris apartment into reality!


Paris is a city to fall in love with! The idea of stepping onto a sun-dappled boulevard each morning, strolling down to the corner for a warm baguette and a bag of ripe berries, then stealing back “home” and brewing coffee – is what so many of our readers would love to do: pretend to be a Parisian for more than a fleeting moment in time.

And when you fall in love with Paris it’s hard to leave! Thanks to modern technology, many visitors find that they can work and stay connected while living in their favorite city!  Many asked us to help them invest in their their dream pied-à-terre in Paris, where they can spend part of each year savoring life in this beautiful city and we can manage and rent their apartment when they are away.

We started out investing in Paris real estate for ourselves and eventually for others. Having personally located and supervised the remodelling of over 40 apartments, we’ve learned how to do it best and are now offering our search services to potential buyers. In addition, if you would like your property to be managed and rented when you’re away, our team is the best and most reasonable company to help you with this – as well as to maintain, clean and repair it to the highest possible standards. 

Over the years we've learned a lot about the Paris real estate market and are delighted to share some of our key investment principles and tips, including what we look for in terms of location, how to find the dream apartment, real estate tricks, remodeling and furnishings tips, mistakes and more. Please read on and feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss the possibility of purchasing your dream apartment in Paris.

Paris Current Market Update

We keep our fingers on the pulse of the Paris real estate market to track important changes, find the very best properties and know when it’s the best time to buy or sell. We’re happy to share this in-depth knowledge gained from years of experience and to keep you up to date on the ins and outs of the current market in Paris.

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View Paris Apartments for Sale

Browse through our listing of apartments and find your own dream pied-à-terre in Paris. Our hand-picked selection of properties are located in the city’s most sought-after districts. From properties that need a little work but have incredible potential to beautifully remodeled and decorated to the highest standard apartments, this is your opportunity to purchase your own authentic slice of Parisian life.

View Paris Apartments for Sale

Tips for Buying a Paris Apartment

We are pleased to share everything we've learned so you can benefit from our years of experience in investing in the Paris real estate market. Before you make the big commitment to purchasing your own piece of Paris, we recommend brushing up on our top tips for investing in a property in the City of Light.

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Finding Your Perfect Apartment

For serious Paris apartment shoppers, we provide some food for thought as you begin the process of searching for and selecting your ideal Paris apartment. We cover everything from transaction fees and remodeling costs to our recommended arrondissements and resale considerations, so you can start your search for the perfect apartment with confidence.

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The Purchase Process

France has unique rules for purchasing property that are important to keep in mind when thinking about buying property in Paris. From the notaire to the different types of purchase contracts, we help you get acquainted with everything you need to know and consider when buying a Paris apartment in this handy step-by-step guide.

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Where to Buy an Apartment in Paris

When purchasing an apartment in Paris, it’s all about location, location, location. As you begin the search for your Paris pied-à-terre, you will want to focus on neighborhoods that offer the right balance of charm, amenities and value. Read on to learn about some of our personal top location considerations when it comes to investing in Paris real estate.

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Working with Paris Real Estate Agents

Navigating your way through the Paris real estate market can be made a lot easier with the help of a professional and knowledgeable real estate agent. Gathered from years of investing in Paris property, we’ve rounded up some of our tips for working with Paris real estate agents to help you along your apartment-purchasing journey.

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Our Paris Property Search Services

With no multiple listing service and 3,600 real estate agencies in Paris, finding your ideal apartment in the City of Light can be a challenge. Not to worry though - we can help can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Learn about the advantages of working with the Paris Perfect Property Search Service.

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