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I grew up in a very small town in southern Arizona along the border with Mexico. At 16 I began to wonder if I would ever met anyone and fall in love as all the boys I grew up with were like brothers to me. The first day of school my senior year, I spot a new face in the crowd, he was very cute, very buff and most definitely not from my home town. I was not the only girl to notice this new stranger. To add to the excitement I learned he was a foreigner, from Canada! All the girls we're flirting shamelessly with him, I was far too shy to even try, but my heart overcame my fears. As it so happened I learned he walked to his job after school and I had a car (a very fast car). I figured if I ran from my last class to my car I could be brave enough to drive by and ask him if he would like a ride, he said yes! Oh how my heart was in my stomach that day, I can still feel that nervous excitement today! That was 33 years ago and we have been married now for 29 years. A few years into our marriage when I was telling someone this story, my husband confessed that he turned down rides from other girls waiting for me to offer him a ride! True love at first sight and everyday since!

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