Paris Perfect Co-Ownership Terms

Paris Perfect Co-Ownership Terms

Paris Ownership Within Reach


  • This is fully deeded ownership which may be sold or passed on to heirs.
  • Your ownership is for four weeks per year at two weeks + two weeks; allocation is based on a rotation draft system so all owners will participate in the most popular weeks. The first round locks in two consecutive weeks, and a second round guarantees two more consecutive weeks. Owners get to know each other and can trade weeks to accommodate their personal preferences.
  • As with other well-run properties, weeks can be exchanged with the other owners or lent to friends and family. The apartment is for the exclusive use of you, the owners.
  • Assistance seven days per week in Paris.
  • Changeover housekeeping with our luxury linens and amenities is included in the annual fee, as is a midstay clean in between.
  • The apartment is fully furnished just like our Paris Perfect luxury rentals -- down to wine openers, cheese graters, wine glasses, placemats, French porcelain and more. In addition, extra items such as baby cots can be made available.
  • Each owner pays a reasonable annual management fee that covers all property management fees, all utilities including high speed internet, electricity, etc. It also covers basic supplies, luxury linens, building management, insurance, bank charges, bookkeeping, property taxes, personal item storage, plus a contribution toward a longer term maintenance fund for regular updates to the apartment as well as minor building assessments. This fee will not vary with the number of owners (ie: you won't pay more if all the shares aren't sold). This price is an extraordinary value, compared to any luxury hotel room and especially because you own a part of the property.
  • Additional housekeeping and other services are available at a reasonable charge, as desired by owner.
  • Should you loan the apartment to friends and family, there is a greeting fee charged.
  • For more information please email us at [email protected]
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“We are here in Paris at our apartment and it is wonderful! It’s warm, spotless, cozy, quiet and very, very comfortable. I slept 14 hours straight yesterday and absolutely no noise. I wish the New York apartment or even our house in Markham can be this quiet...”
- Abe and Nora O, New York City, NY

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