Suzette Barnett

Suzette is a travel photographer and visual effects artist from California who is drawn to vibrant cultures and breathtaking scenery. So it is no surprise that she continually finds herself in the ever-charming city of Paris. A fanatic for off-the-beaten-path experiences, she writes about the gems she encounters on her travel-themed website To see more of her work, please visit


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The Mesmerizing Opulence of the Palais Garnier

The Mesmerizing Opulence of the Palais Garnier

Halls dripping in gold, lush red velvet seats and a chandelier weighing 7 tons are just a few of the things that make the Opéra Garnier a truly magnificent sight to behold. As one of the first theaters of its kind in the world that is still in use today, it’s a definite must-see on your Paris sightseeing itinerary! ... Read More