Rollerblading Through the Streets of Paris


With spring arriving in Paris and the temperatures warming up, we’re always on the look out for fun and creative ways to enjoy being outdoors in Paris. Did you know you can rollerblade en masse every Sunday afternoon through the streets of Paris? Yes, you can join along with hundreds, often thousands, of skaters of all skill levels as they make their way through the historic center of Paris. What a great way to see the sights – and work off those morning croissants as well!

Rollerblading and Skating in Paris

Rollerblading through the 7th arrondissement near Les Invalides. Photo courtesy Rollers & Coquillages.

The group skate is sponsored by Rollers & Coquillages and is open to the public. The Prefecture of Police provides a full police escort to stop traffic, and yellow-shirted volunteers guide you along the route. The route changes weekly and is posted on their website. A recent Sunday afternoon took the skaters past some of the top sights in the 7th arrondissement, including the beautiful golden dome at Les Invalides and the Eiffel Tower. What a fun way to see Paris!

Rollerblading around the Eiffel Tower in Paris

See the Eiffel Tower while rollerblading! Photo courtesy: Rollers & Coquillages.

It’s fun to watch, even if you don’t take part yourself. Check the route map, then plan your day sightseeing and shopping in Paris accordingly. You’ll have a great time waving and cheering the skaters on!

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  1. Jessica says:

    What’s the name of the website?

  2. madelyn says:

    Hi Jessica, the website is The website is in French but you can easily see what rides are available by using the calendar in the left-hand menu bar.

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