Decorating for Autumn – Table sprinkled with leaves


s fall leaves london and burgundy

Yellow and red and orange autumn leaves

We took a beautiful drive to Burgundy last week and had a fabulous, relaxing weekend. The vendange, or grape harvest, came very late this year and they had just finished. More on our wine tasting trip shortly …

The leaves were turning into glorious yellows and reds – couldn’t resist stopping numerous times to collect for our table.

I love the change of seasons in France!

s fall leaves

My sister brought Halloween candies from Boston this week so we celebrated at home.

s fall table

Dining table is dressed for autumn!

I tried to press the leaves in our map book, but lost most of them as they turned dark and moldy. Would love to learn how to press leaves so they retain their color. My next project is to decoupage them onto jars for decorations. Any suggestions or links gratefully received! Happy autumn from France!

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