A Red Eiffel Tower?

Fermob Eiffel Tower Paris

Two Eiffel Towers are better than one!

If you’ve strolled through the Champ de Mars gardens recently you might have thought you were seeing double, but with a strangely red hue. There have been two Eiffel Towers drawing attention with the addition of a brilliant red Eiffel Tower constructed out of … wait for it … bistro chairs! While this year marks the 125th birthday of La Grande Dame, it is also the 125th anniversary of the slightly smaller but no less iconic Fermob Bistro chair. These are the classic chairs you’ll spot at so many Parisian cafés. To celebrate the joint anniversary, Fermob has constructed a replica of the Eiffel Tower using 324 red bistro chairs. That’s one chair for each meter of the Eiffel Tower’s height.

Fermob Bistro Chair Eiffel Tower Paris2

One bistro chair, two bistro chairs, three bistro chairs … four! 320 to go …

Standing up close it’s rather hard to see where one bistro chair ends and the next one begins. This fun replica of the Eiffel Tower comes in at only 43 meters – quite a bit smaller than the real deal nearby. But seeing them so close together is fun! There have been quite a few people taking photos of both and trying to get a closer look at the red Eiffel Tower to see just what it is made of.

Fermob Eiffel Tower Bistro Chair Champ de Mars

Why you look good in red, Eiffel Tower!

The Fermob Bistro chair Eiffel Tower replica is on display only until July 7th, but we just had to share this with everyone who hasn’t been able to see it in the Champ de Mars.

Fermob Red Eiffel Tower Paris

Bistro chair shadows

And now we’re feeling a sudden urge to head to a café …


(Image Credits: Photos by Verity)

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