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Travelling To & From Paris

Travelling To & From Paris

With seven major train stations and two airports, there are lots of different ways to visit Paris. Find out which is best for you whether you're arriving from abroad or another European destination.

Paris is one of Europe’s largest transportation hubs with international flights and trains arriving and departing throughout the day. Whether you’re traveling to Paris from afar or visiting as part of an extended holiday in Europe, you’ll find no shortage of travel options into and out of the French capital.

Arriving or Departing by Plane

Paris has two major airports, Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) and Orly AIrport (ORY). Most of our guests land at Charles de Gaulle, which is the primary international airport for Paris and the rest of France. Charles de Gaulle is located about 14 miles (23 km) northeast of Paris and there are a variety of transportation options that can take you into the city in 30-60 minutes. Shorter regional flights and select international flights arrive at Orly Airport, which is 8 miles (13 km) southeast of the city.

Arriving or Departing by Train

There are seven train stations within the city, each offering a tourist office and convenient transportation options to the center of the city. The majority of our guests traveling by train will arrive at Gare du Nord, the busiest train station in Europe. From Gare du Nord, you can easily reach your Paris Perfect apartment rental by taking the Paris Métro or a quick taxi ride.

Cranky Concierge: Flight Booking & Monitoring Service

Arranging flights and ensuring that your travels to Paris go smoothly is the hardest part of a worldly getaway, but Paris Perfect has recently partnered with an exceptional travel assistance provider to ensure our guests’ flight plans are effortless from start to finish.

Cranky Concierge provides a wealth of flight services for guests, which ranges from the initial searching for optimal flights, to assistance if a problem arises along the way. As a result, visitors can breathe easy knowing that their stress-free vacation begins well before they arrive at the airport.

Here is an introduction of some of the services that Cranky Concierge can provide:

  • Initial Flight Booking – Save time and headaches searching for the perfect and most economical flight, and let the travel experts at Cranky Concierge do the heavy lifting through detailed and extensive searchers.
  • Extensive Flight Monitoring – In the days leading up to your Paris vacation, Cranky Concierge will keep tabs on your upcoming flights, and will step in with solutions and alternatives in case anything goes awry, like a missed flight or an unexpected cancellation.
  • Airline Miles Redemption – Have a lot of accumulated airline miles? Cranky Concierge travel agents will find the best ways to redeem them, ensuring you can get to your Paris destination with limited effort.

From finding the best flight options to providing emergency assistance if there’s a sudden issue with your flight or travel plans, Cranky Concierge provides peace of mind throughout your travels – a benefit that is truly priceless.

Visit their website at to learn more about their extensive services, and to ensure that your upcoming trip to Paris signals the launch of a relaxing getaway.


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