Innies vs Outies: Paris Apartments Outside vs Courtyard Views



Sunset from the Merlot Paris Vacation Rental

We’re redecorating the living room and master bedroom of our Merlot apartment and I had the treat to stay there. Stay tuned for our new pictures soon!
I sat the dining table and was concentrating on the computer work; you know how it happens.  I looked up to see the most beautiful sunset arrayed beyond the balcony in front of me! I couldn’t believe it; kept getting up to watch the sky get more and more pink.  It got better and better, the sky turning from blue to rose to deep pink and finally blue! And finally the velvet blues of nightfall.

And close up… I still pinch myself when I witness beauty like this!


The Observation Deck on the Eiffel Tower from the Merlot Apartment


Views from Merlot at sunset

Later that evening, I looked out the second bedroom window.  And here was the courtyard view at the same time of night.  I contrasted it with the amazing spectacle I enjoyed earlier.  There was simply no comparison.


Paris courtyard view; inner views on ‘calm’ courtyards don’t compare.

To me, Paris is a gift and should be savored every moment of the day.   Even your down time should be spent where you can relax or even work in a beautiful space, sip a glass of wine and enjoy a spectacle like the one above.  We hope you have the chance to watch the perfect sunset in Paris every night you are there.  We promise you will never forget it.


Pinch Yourself That You’re in Paris! Trocadero Across the River

When anyone asks what kind of apartment they should buy or rent, our answer will never change:  Go for the views!  In memories alone they are worth every penny.

4 Responses to “Innies vs Outies: Paris Apartments Outside vs Courtyard Views”

  1. Bonnie Curry Whitehead says:

    …are you SURE you don’t need a stable, English speaking lady to work for you????? I am good with words! The Merlot sunset pictures made me drool. Hoping to return in the fall-and BTW, the MERLOT is the apt we are hoping to rent!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product. The redecorating only makes it sweeter.

    Kindest Regards, Madelyn,
    Bonnie in South Carolina

  2. madelyn says:

    Hi Bonnie,
    Thanks so much! Hope to meet you personally next time! best, Madelyn

  3. Judy Harrison says:

    Hi Madelyn!
    My husband and I stayed in your Cabernet apartment in May of 2005. Your apartment is what made our stay PERFECT!! I know what your saying about the views you witness outside of the windows!! I remember the Cabernet being super quiet, gorgeous views (of course) and the courtyard was even quaint! Anyway, we were lucky enough to meet you one day as we were leaving our apartment and you were in the nearby apartment on the same floor as the Cabernet. You were so kind to show us the other apartment! Was that the Merlot? We are registered for the Paris Marathon in April of 2010 and are looking to stay in one of your apartments. We loved the Cabernet, but we love to try something new each time we travel. Any suggestions? It would just be the two of us.

    We also toured with Michael Osman during that trip. Isn’t he just the loveliest man? My brothers booked a Paris tour for our parent’s 50th anniversary last year and sent them and myself to Paris for a week! Unfortunately, I had no say in where we were staying or else we would have stayed in a PPA!!! Anyway, we spent another day with Michael Osman and he mentioned his association with Paris Perfect! How wonderful! What a great pairing!

    I just have one more question. Do you have any apartments near Ile St. Louis? Maybe in the 5th or 6th arr? I was just curious as we are beginning to plan our stay for April. Sorry this is so lengthy. Your website is beautiful by the way!

    Judy Harrison, STL, MO

  4. Abiha says:

    Absolutely Paris is a gift and should be savored every moment of the day.

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