Our Amazingly Comfortable Italian Convertible Beds!



When most people think of a sofa bed, they think of an awkward night’s sleep on a low quality mattress. That is why we invested a lot of time in finding the highest quality convertible beds for our Paris Perfect apartments.

Milano Bedding in Italy is a high-end convertible bed and mattress company that specializes in combining design, comfort and technology to create truly amazing convertible beds. The clever design of these sofas makes them not only high-end and easily converted, but also lusciously comfortable.

These beds are very popular throughout Europe because of their space-saving design and their incredible mattresses. Space is limited in many Parisian apartments so convertible beds are a must – plus, having your bed in the living room offers stunning views for you to wake up to, like in our Cognac apartment, pictured below! Not to mention that the mattresses are specifically designed to be slept on every night.


Each convertible bed is produced 100% in Italy in the company’s factory in Milan. Quality materials are used so these sofas last a very long time and the luxurious fabrics fit in perfectly with our chic Parisian decors. There are two models that we particularly like, the Frank and the Lampo, and you will find either one of them in almost all of our Paris apartments!

The Frank convertible bed measures 160cm wide x 190/193cm long (63″ wide x 75-76″ long) and can either be made up as two separate single beds or pushed together to form a queen size bed.

Here is the Frank convertible bed in our lovely Folle Blanche apartment:


And here it is folded away, back to functioning as the comfy living room sofa:


These convertible beds are designed to be easy to set up and put away. The Frank’s clever design hosts two single mattresses in the one sofa.

To set up the first mattress, simply grab hold of the seat’s support bar at the front of the sofa and slide it slightly up and out. This pulls the sofa seat away from the back of the sofa, transforming the seat into a single mattress!

Underneath the base of the sofa is the second trundle bed. Just pull it out from under the sofa and then lift the cloth-covered bar until the support legs snap into place, bringing the trundle bed up to the height of the sofa. A headboard also pops up on one end to complete your bed.

These two mattresses can be set up separately or you can push them together to create a queen size bed.


© Milano Bedding

The Lampo convertible bed easily folds out to become a queen size bed measuring 160cm wide x 200cm long (63″ wide x 79″ long).

Here is the Lampo convertible bed in the Kir, one of our charming studio apartments in the heart of Paris:


And here it is converted back into a sofa:


The Lampo design is very simple to set up and put away. Simply take off the throw pillows, pull forward on the top of the back sofa cushions and then guide the foot of the bed to the floor. That’s it!

Then to fold the bed away, simply lift up the end of the bed to fold it away and then push the top of the sofa back down into place (the last two steps in the diagram below).



© Milano Bedding


These convertible beds are so easy to use and comfortable to sleep in that we have had dozens of requests from returning guests for information on where to buy one of their own! So come and try one of our luxury Milano Bedding convertible beds on your next trip to Paris as see what everyone is raving about.

(Image Credits: Milano Bedding)

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  1. Julie A Boston says:

    Can you provide a ballpark idea of price of these sofa beds?
    Where to order from?
    Also, are these short term apt registered as commercial properties or just with the Marie and rent for 120 days per year?

  2. Leah Walker says:

    As the article mentions, these are from Milano Bedding. Their website is linked. As for your question regarding registration. Our listings have the registration number on the listing.

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