Book Review | Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson


Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson

The irresistible cover of “Paris in Color” by Nichole Robertson

When you close your eyes, what are the moments you remember the most from Paris? Maybe it’s the blue striped awning on the little pâtisserie around the corner, the spring tulips around the Eiffel Tower or the ruby red of a vin chaud sipped at a little café in the Latin Quarter. I see flashes of color – bright red métro signs,  brilliant displays of flowers spilling out from florist spots on rue Cler, the perfectly lined up rows of colorful macarons at Ladurée, the classic blue street signs, the pink hues of sunset on the Seine and more and more and more. Paris is a riot of colors in my memory, each season bringing with it new colors and experiences.

In Paris in Color, photographer and blogger Nichole Robertson celebrates the colors of Paris in all their brilliance and charm. Robertson fell in love with Paris when she moved there in 2009, and very quickly turned her creative eye to capturing the art in all the little details of daily life. Released by Chronicle Books earlier this year, Paris in Color brings together Robertson’s beautiful images for Paris lovers to savor at home. It’s a lovely little photo book divided into color themes, from the blush of rose in spring to the rich reds spotted in familiar and new ways around Paris.

Paris in Color Nichole Robertson Red

Seeing Paris through Nichole Robertson’s beautiful photos 

Paris in Color sits on my coffee table and whenever I dip into the pages I find that time slips away. Each photo tells a vivid story, a moment captured before it slips away, and brings back memories of crunching through autumn leaves or picking out pastries from a tempting display. A charming photo book, Paris in Color is a flashback to the City of Light … and colors … for anyone who has fallen in love with Paris. If you’re looking for a last minute holiday gift for the Paris lover in your life, this is a perfect choice!

For details on where to find Paris in Color click here. And for more Paris photos and stories from Nichole Robertson, visit her website Little Brown Pen, which is a creative studio co-run by Nichole and her husband Evan Robertson. (Be sure to check out Evan’s brilliant Illustrated Quotation Project, too!)


Photo Credits: Nichole Robertson

2 Responses to “Book Review | Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson”

  1. Bonnie Curry Whitehead says:

    Thanks for letting all your fans know about this book…as soon as I read this review, I ordered up my copy—a little “me-me present,” as they like to say here in South Carolina!

  2. Madelyn says:

    Hi Bonnie, What a perfect little surprise gift for yourself! I like that … a little “me-me present.” Happy holidays! 🙂

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