Finding the Right Paris Apartment For You

Searching for your own pied-a-terre in Paris? We'll help you find the very best apartment, navigate the purchase, and help you transform your dream into reality!

Finding the Right Paris Apartment For You

Finding the Right Paris Apartment For You

Paris is a city to fall in love with! The idea of stepping onto a sun-dappled boulevard each morning, strolling down to the corner for a warm baguette and a bag of ripe berries, then stealing back “home” and brewing coffee – is what so many of our readers would love to do:  pretend to be a Parisian for more than a fleeting moment in time.

And when you fall in love with Paris it’s hard to leave! Thanks to modern technology, many visitors find that they can work and stay connected while living in their favorite city!

Many clients have asked us to help them find their own dream pied-à-terre, where they can spend part of each year savoring life in this beautiful city and we can manage and rent their apartment for them when they’re away. Having personally located, purchased and supervised the remodeling of over 40 apartments in Paris, we have learned a lot about the Paris real estate market and are delighted to share our key investment principles and tips, including what we look for in terms of location, how to find the dream apartment, real estate tricks, remodeling and furnishings tips, mistakes and more.  Please read on and then contact us at Paris Perfect Property Search if you wish to discuss the possibility of purchasing your own dream home in Paris.

A great way to begin your search is by browsing through our list of handpicked apartments to find your own perfect Paris. These properties are located in the city’s most sought-after districts and range from properties that need a little work but have incredible potential, to gorgeous apartments ready for you to move in.  This is your opportunity to purchase your own authentic slice of Parisian life.

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If you would like to embark upon your own search for the perfect apartment, we can help you with that as well – with decades of experience in successfully investing in the Paris real estate market, we have a lot of information to share!

My husband, Philippe, and I have spent decades searching, purchasing, renovating and renting Paris properties for clients, and are pleased to share our expertise. In short, will help you get acquainted with everything you need to consider when searching for, and ultimately buying, your dream apartment in Paris.

By far the biggest challenge to finding an apartment in Paris is the lack of a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in France – and there are over 3,600 real estate agencies in Paris alone!  So searching for your perfect place can be an immense challenge.

We will work one on one with you to find your perfect apartment.  We know all the considerations that go along with searching and purchasing an apartment, from knowing the best arrondissement and neighborhoods that fit your needs, to successfully navigating the purchase process with the security and peace of mind that all points have been covered.  And we will ensure you are making the best investment possible. In fact, we won’t recommend a property unless we would buy it ourselves.

At Paris Perfect Property Search, we go beyond the standard property search services offered by most agencies.  We offer trusted advise on capital investment, resale value, cost evaluation and even remodeling – including introducing you to trusted builders and architects we have used over the years – and we will provide you with reliable rental income forecasts via our successful Paris Perfect rental program.

Read on for more explanation of Our Search Services , plus Tips to Get Started, and a detailed explanation of The Purchase Process.  Should you want to get started right away, perusing our Paris Apartments for Sale is a great way to begin.

If you would like more information about our services, please get in touch – we are pleased to answer your questions and help you find that perfect property that meets all your needs.

You can email me personally at: [email protected]

Happy property hunting!

Madelyn Willems
Paris Perfect

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