Finding the Right Paris Apartment
Define What You Want And Don't Settle For Less

Define What You Want And Don't Settle For Less

Be clear on the size of the apartment you’re looking for and your global budget. Window shop prices ahead of time, read classified announcements and, if necessary, make one appointment with a single agency to learn more about the market before you start meeting other agents.

An example: Maddy was waiting to meet an agent in an open-reception area and overheard a conversation between a real estate agent and a potential client. The woman was from the suburbs of Paris and was looking for a pied-à-terre as an investment. She kept changing her parameters in terms of her search: “Yes, it could be a one bedroom, maybe, probably not a studio, but possibly a two bedroom depending on the price … nice view, clean building, no remodeling, etc. You know, something nice, probably a view. We want to pay about €6,000/ square meter and call us when you have something. Maybe we could go higher for something fantastic. We can drive down on the weekend to have a look."

It was a waste of her time and the agent’s. I’m sure he never called her back. The average sale in that particular neighborhood was €12,000/ square meter; she was not able to visit an apartment to make a quick decision; and she wasn’t even clear on what she was looking for. Agents can’t waste their time educating the customer when they have a hot property for sale. They will call the sophisticated buyer who is able to make a quick decision.

If you need to get educated on prices, visit one agency and ask as many questions as possible about market prices. Assume they will view you as too new to the search to be a serious buyer, but use the information to set clear parameters on what you’re looking for at appropriate market prices. Then write clear and realistic parameters for your search.

Here are a the Most Important Factors to Consider and List:

  • Modern or old building: old means Haussmanian and others from the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. Old or ancien have been the best investment by far
  • Size in square meters. See below for approximate sizes 
  • Elevator or no — our advice is absolutely must have an elevator 
  • Lower floors okay or upper floors only
  • Facing courtyard or outward views.  Courtyard views are most common, but the least sought-after and slowest to sell
  • Define your budget including remodeling and furnishing.

*Note transaction costs are 7.5% of purchase.


Size Range (sqm)    
Size Range (sqft) Approximate Price (€)
Studios 15 - 30 m² 161 - 323 sq ft €285,000 - €750,000
One Bedroom 30 - 50 m² 323 - 538 sq ft €570,000 - €1,250,000
Two Bedrooms 50 - 80 m² 538 - 861 sq ft €950,000 - €2,000,000
Three Bedrooms 80 - 120 m² 861 - 1,292 sq ft €1,520,000 -

Note that the approximate prices are calculated based on a price range of €19,000 per square meter to €25,000 per square meter. The price range is for prime apartments in the most desirable quartiers in Paris, based on actual sales. Actual prices may vary depending on the location, condition, and other factors of the specific apartment.

A unique fact is that a Paris apartment, if located in the best building, most sought after location, with prime features such as great views, upper floors, and elevator will command almost the same price whether it’s recently remodeled or has not been touched in 40 years.

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