Episode 6 - Behind the Scenes Renovating La Place Dauphine

What happens when you buy a 400-year-old building in the oldest part of Paris and dream of transforming it into a modern masterpiece?

Naturally, there’s a lot of restoration work to be done! This video offers an insider look at the incredible two-year renovation project at La Place Dauphine. Maddy and her team tackled countless rules, regulations and plenty of hurdles during the restoration of this historic monument on the Ile de la Cité. Of course there were plenty of unwelcome surprises along the way, including two floors about to collapse! But there were also some unexpected finds, like happening across pieces of history from the 1600s.

Throughout the painstaking renovation, our goal was to honor the original building and authenticity of its design while at the same time adding every modern convenience. The result has been to transform an historic building into state of the art apartments with every comfort right at kilometer zero in the heart of Paris. We hope you enjoy this look behind the scenes of the restoration of La Place Dauphine!

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