Episode 2 - Paris Perfect

In the second episode of our Paris Made Perfect video series, join us on the exciting day we received the keys to 25 Place Dauphine.

We always expected ups and downs with this incredible restoration process, but we didn’t expect the downs quite so quickly! Yet our passion for restoring this important piece of architectural history in Paris made it all worthwhile. Find out more about some of the initial steps of the 25 Place Dauphine restoration and go behind the scenes with the team and Maddy on her renovation projects for our Paris Perfect apartment rentals.

Of course, it’s not Paris without some fabulous food shopping, too! Join Maddy as she visits her favorite cheese shop in Paris, located just off the rue Cler, to learn the secret for selecting the very best Comté cheese. A very handy tip for your next visit to Paris!

Watch Episode 1 - Paris Perfect here.


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