Bacon Wrapped Chipolatas


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These are those cute tiny little sausages that usually go with Turkey.  My husband and family absolutely love them!

Nerissa, Reservations Manager


Chippolatas (small pork or cumberland sausages mini cocktail sausages will do)
Grapeseed oil
Streaky bacon


  1. Christmas eve take some of the sausages and wrap in streaky bacon.
  2. Put in a plastic bag with a very tiny amount of oil and honey (quantities depend on the amount of sausages you want (take into account that the cook will need to sample at least 5 before they even get to the table).
  3. Christmas day turn the sausages out around the ham when you are roasting it they will cook at the same time.

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  1. ChrisTremlett says:

    oh wow I think I should try this out…. Thanks for the receipe

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