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Paris Pefect Apartments Memory Book

Create your own Paris memory book at Shutterfly


We’re excited to share that Paris Perfect and the online photo printing website Shutterfly have come together to create a wonderful keepsake of your holiday in Paris with our new Paris Memory Albums! We have created albums for many of our Paris apartments, which you can personalize with your own photos. Each album captures the ambiance of Parisian life with apartment photos, pictures of nearby sights, shops and memorable landmarks in the City of Light. Here’s a peek inside the album for the beautiful Lalande three bedroom apartment in the 7th arrondissement.


Paris Perfect 3 bedroom apartment 7th arrondissement

A sample page from the Paris Perfect Memory Album for our Lalande apartment


We’ve added pages with photos of each apartment for guests to remember their stay in Paris, followed by some of our favorite photos of typical Parisian shops, markets, restaurants and scenes from daily life in the neighborhood. Take a look!


Paris Perfect Photo Books from Shutterfly

Some of our favorite spots in the neighborhood are included in each album!


Each page of the album comes already designed with a colored background to complement the photos on each page. The Memory Albums are a wonderful way to remember your stay in Paris, and they make great surprises for friends or family!


Paris Perfect Photo Album with Neighborhood

Remember some of your favorite spots in the neighborhood!


Our Paris Perfect Memory Albums are available by visiting You can order the books exactly asthey are, or save them to your Shutterfly account (signing up is free!) to customize your Memory Album by adding your own photos and pages from your trip to Paris before printing the book. Memory albums for Paris Perfect apartments are presented alphabetically on the Paris Perfect Shutterfly site. Have fun creating your unique and personalized Paris Perfect Memory Album to enjoy whenever you feel like being transported right back to Paris!


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  1. Suzanne, Monroe Twp., NJ says:

    Sadly no Shutterfly album for Merlot where we will be staying in September. This is a great idea by the way.

  2. Meredith says:

    Love the idea! I will try it out, thanks.

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