Our Little Girl is Growing Up…



1996 Christening ... our chubby baby girl

I hope you are having a beautiful spring wherever you are! It’s the season for High School proms and we hosted a pre-Prom party for our daughter Alexia, age 16. 30 parents-with-cameras and 15 teenagers.  It was a lot of fun!  After a wet spring, we were lucky to have a dry afternoon.

Having lived thru 9 long months of unexpected building work (more in a future blog!) we scrambled to get our home in shape for the party … and just made it. Alexia found a dress in Boston during a detour from East Coast college visits. She saw some gorgeous gowns in Paris, but proms for teenagers aren’t common so her choices were limited to wedding dresses or ball gowns for grown-up women.  Absolutely stunning, but not for teenagers — especially the price tags!

The years go by and you don’t notice them passing until a major moment like this one. I could only comment to Philippe, ‘Our chubby little baby is growing up…’

2012 Prom -- Alexia and pal Jake: 'How do you attach the corsage?'


Philippe still calls her 'Ma petite puce', but she's not his little flea anymore


Meet the Parents!

The girls look so much more grown up than the boys!

The Time Flew By...

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