A Guest Favorite – The Perfect Wine Chiller Now Available!

Perfect Wine Chiller Freezable Bag

The Perfect Wine Chiller is just the right size for a bottle of wine or champagne

You’ve been asking for it … and we’re thrilled to announce that the Perfect Wine Chiller is now available to purchase! This sleek bag is super handy and will quickly become a kitchen favorite for you, too. Our guests have been telling us how much they love the Perfect Wine Chillers in our apartments and how they’re reminded of wonderful holiday times in Paris when they return home. Now you can buy your own Perfect Wine Chiller right here! These cool bags are freezable and collapse down to take up next to no space in your freezer. Just pull them out when you’re ready to serve wine, champagne, iced tea, soda or your favorite drink that you’d like to keep chilled. Forget about messy ice buckets that make your wine bottles drip water everywhere!


The fabulous Perfect Wine Chiller is now available!

Our guests love the subtle Paris Perfect logo featured near the sturdy loop handles. It’s a fun little way to be reminded of your holiday in Paris! Turn the bag around and you’ll also spot the logo for our sister company London Perfect.

London Perfect Wine Cooler Freezable Bag

Great for keeping your white wine chilled for dinner or also for picnics, beach trips and more!

The Perfect Wine Chiller is now available on Amazon.com for easy shipping and handling. We hope you’ll enjoy using it – and make a toast to Paris, too!


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