Buy a Piece of Art Nouveau Paradise in Paris!


Art Nouveau Paris 7th Arrondissement Jules Lavirotte Entrance

The whimsical and wild Art Nouveau entrance to Jules Lavirotte’s building on Avenue Rapp near the Eiffel Tower!

How would you like to return home after a day in Paris to this unique entrance? Sure, the style isn’t for everyone, but there’s no doubt about it making a strong impression! This is the whimsical entrance to an apartment building designed by Jules Lavirotte in 1901 at 29 Avenue Rapp in the 7th arrondissement. One of the Art Nouveau masterpieces in Paris, this is Lavirotte at his wildest – a riot of stone carving, intricate ironwork, an abundance of textures and over the top symbolism. You can see more details of this fascinating building in our Art Nouveau Architecture Tour of the 7th arrondissement blog post.

Art Nouveau Paris Jules Lavirotte Facade

Imagine stepping out on your own Art Nouveau balcony to enjoy outstanding views of the Eiffel Tower nearby!


Jules Lavirotte Art Nouveau Architect Paris

Wild and wonderful windows on Jules Lavirotte’s award winning Art Nouveau building on Avenue Rapp in Paris


Jules Lavirotte Art Nouveau Building Paris

You’ll find all kind as animals on the facade of Lavirotte’s buildings! This lizard is one the entrance to 29 Avenue Rapp in Paris.

While the facade and gorgeous Art Nouveau interior of the building would be enough to make most people dream of living here, the Lavirotte building also boasts a remarkable location about two blocks from the Eiffel Tower. Wait … it gets even better. The building faces the Eiffel Tower, so when you step out on those whimsical Art Nouveau balconies you’re looking at a straight shot of the Eiffel Tower!

What a view of the Eiffel Tower nearby! (Photo courtesy John Taylor Paris)

Are you swooning yet? Just imagine sitting on that bench and watching sunrise over Paris or the magical light show on the Eiffel Tower at night. Apartments with balconies and views like this in the Jules Lavirotte building rarely come on the market, but the apartment with that incredible view above is currently for sale and is being offered at € 3,500,000. It measures about 1,900 square feet and has a beautiful and long balcony. Just take a look!

The rare and stunning balcony at the apartment for sale in the Jules Lavirotte building near the Eiffel Tower. (Photo courtesy John Taylor Paris)

This apartment has some of the best views in the building due to its high location on the 5th floor (6th floor American). There’s also an elevator so you don’t have to climb up all those steps. When you look at the building from the street it’s the balcony just above the row of green columns on the facade. Lavirotte’s wild designs create a charming setting in what must be one of Paris’ most unique balconies! The building’s interior is just as striking as the exterior and includes the typical Art Nouveau ironwork details and charms.

Jules Lavirotte Interior 29 Avenue Rapp

The Art Nouveau handrail in the Jules Lavirotte building in Paris. (Photo courtesy John Taylor Paris)

The apartment features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large dining room and beautiful living spaces overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Oh, and that stunning balcony, of course! The apartment is ideal for a full remodel, but here’s a peek inside.

Jules Lavirotte Building Apartment for Sale Salon

A spacious salon in the apartment for sale in the Jules Lavirotte building. (Photo courtesy John Taylor Paris)


Jules Lavirotte Building Paris Apartment for Sale Dining Room

Lovely to have such a large dining room! (Photo courtesy John Taylor Paris)

You can find out more about this remarkable apartment for sale in the Jules Lavirotte building in Paris by clicking here. If you enjoy looking at Art Nouveau architecture in Paris, you’ll love our Art Nouveau in the 7th Arrondissement Architecture Tour blog post where you can see more buildings by Lavirotte and other Art Nouveau architects nearby.





Photo credits: Lavirotte building entrance by Steve Cadman, Lavirotte facade, Window Detail and Lizard detail by Jean-Pierre Dalbera

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    You’re absolutely right, Andrea! There is so much Art Nouveau to enjoy in Paris. We love the Art Nouveau furniture and design collections at the Musée d’Orsay, too!

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