Cartier: Style and History at the Grand Palais


Cartier Style and History Exhibit Paris

At the Grand Palais only until February 16th, 2014

One of the biggest and most alluring jewelry exhibitions ever created, Cartier: Style and History is on display in the luxurious setting of the Salon d’Honneur at the Grand Palais in Paris. Here under one spectacular roof you’ll find the history of Cartier from its foundation in 1847 up to the 70s with over 600 pieces of jewelry, objects, archival records, watches, clocks and more on display.

The video below created by Cartier offers a tour through the exhibition in French (with English subtitles) and English. The Art Deco jewelry and fashions are worth swooning over. I particularly enjoyed seeing the “mystery clocks” and hearing the exhibition curator and several important figures from Cartier, including the director of the Cartier Archives and the Cartier Collection conservation curator, speak about the exhibition. The Cartier family history section is as fascinating as it is visually captivating. Would you expect anything less of Cartier?

If you’re in Paris this month, add a visit to the Grand Palais to see Cartier: Style and History. Thanks to Cartier you can enjoy a glimpse inside the exhibition and the marvelous world of Cartier in this video. Trust me, it’s 30 minutes of your life very well spent!

Cartier: Style and History will be on display at the Grand Palais until February 16, 2014. Find out all the visiting information below.

Cartier: Style and History
Grand Palais, Salon d’Honneur
3, avenue du Général Eisenhower, 75008 Paris
Open from 10 am – 8 pm Monday and Sunday
Open from 10 am – 10 pm Wednesday to Saturday
Closed Tuesday
€12 entrance
Exhibition website

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