Skip the Lines at the Louvre Museum


Skip the Lines at the Louvre Museum

Skip the long lines and see the highlights of the Louvre / Photo Credit: Duncan Rawlinson

You’ve been dreaming of this moment for years … perhaps a lifetime … and now you’re finally standing in the courtyard of the Louvre Museum surrounded by the world’s finest collection of art. There’s the glass pyramid by I.M. Pei, the soaring walls of the ornately decorated palace and, wait, what’s that? A HUGE LINE. Your heart sinks. You many be waiting, on your feet, for hours before you can even set foot inside the massive Louvre Museum. By which point, of course, those same feet will be asking for a break.

And what about those masterpieces like the Mona Lisa that you’ve been dreaming of seeing? It can take a few times turning the maps around and upside down to find the right direction to head in. Maybe it was the left direction? Somewhere between the Greek antiquities and the Italian Renaissance, the husband of one of our team members nearly lost the will to live while in search of the highlights of the the Louvre Museum.

Louvre Museum Tours

The search for the highlights of the Louvre was just too much for the poor guy on the right …

Don’t let this happen to you or your loved ones when you visit the Louvre Museum! While there are many options, from great apps, guide books and maps, there’s nothing that compares to a tour by a professional guide, especially for your first visit to the Louvre Museum. On the Skip the Line Louvre Museum Tour you’ll discover the history of the museum starting with the grand exterior and then — skipping the long lines — continue inside to see the masterpieces of the collection. Along the way your licensed and expert guide will share the history behind these artworks, the artists that created them and just what makes them so important today.

Easy Pass Paris Skip the Line Louvre Museum Tour

Skip the Line Louvre Museum Tour

Skip the Line Louvre Museum tour runs from April 1st to October 31st, the period when you’re most likely to find long lines. If you’ll be visiting Paris during the summer season when the lines are the longest, we highly recommend this tour! Groups are limited to small sizes and fill up quickly, so remember to book your Skip the Line Louvre Museum Tour early!


(Photos Credits: Duncan Rawlinson from Icon Photography School, Easy Pass Tours Paris)

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