A Wonderful Winter Walk Along the Seine

Paris winter walks

Admire the winter beauty of Paris strolling along the Seine. (credit)

There’s something uniquely delightful about exploring the city’s iconic neighborhoods on foot, and winter is no exception. The Seine River runs through the heart of Paris and this walk follows along the Left Bank starting at the Eiffel Tower and ending at the stunning Notre-Dame Cathedral. While beautiful in any season, there’s a quiet beauty in a winter walk that makes us fall just a little more in love with Paris. Join us on this enchanting stroll along the Seine, pausing at charming cafes, historic shopping spots, and museums to warm up along the way.

A Winter Stroll Along the Seine

Start Point: Eiffel Tower

End Point: Notre-Dame Cathedral

Paris winter walks

Begin Your Day with Warm Croissants and Coffee

Start your Parisian day with a visit to Les Gourmandises d’Eiffel at 187 rue de Grenelle. Their croissants are a work of art, and the aroma of fresh coffee makes it a quintessentially French beginning to your adventure.

An impressive wintry view of the Eiffel Tower.

Set the Scene at the Eiffel Tower

Start your walk at the iconic Eiffel Tower. If you’re staying in one of our vacation rentals in the 7th arrondissement, you’re already close to this architectural masterpiece, making it a convenient and breathtaking starting point.

Admire the details of the Pont Alexandre III bridge on a sunny winter day.

Stop for Photos at Pont Alexandre III

From the Eiffel Tower, follow the Seine toward the Pont Alexandre III, easily spotted with its ornate Art Nouveau lamps and golden sculptures. It’s a great place to stop and admire the view back to the Eiffel Tower and toward Les Invalides on the Left Bank and across to the Grand Palais and Petit Palais on the other side. Take a detour here to visit Napoleon’s tomb at Les Invalides or check out the special exhibitions at the Grand Palais. If you haven’t visited yet, the Petit Palais is one of the loveliest museums in Paris – and the permanent collection is free to visit!

Paris museum tours

Warm up in the magnificent Musée d’Orsay. (credit)

Warm Up with an Art Break at the Musée d’Orsay

Continuing along the Seine on the Left Bank, you’ll soon notice what looks like a particularly ornate railway station. Which is because that’s exactly what the Musée d’Orsay was originally! Now a renowned museum, winter is a particularly good time to visit this popular museum. Stop to admire a treasure trove of art from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Tickets for landmark special exhibitions can sell out quickly, even in the winter, so check in advance for tickets and book a private tour of the Musée d’Orsay here.

Paris winter cafe

Take a Parisian Pause at Le Bonaparte

While strolling along the Seine, take a short detour on the Left Bank along rue du Bac, a street known for its chic boutiques, past Deyrolle (a unique taxidermy shop and museum that appeared in Midnight in Paris) and take a left on Boulevard Saint-Germain. Follow it past Saint-Germain’s iconic literary cafes Les Deux Magots and Café de Flore. Take une petite pause at Le Bonaparte, a café offering a picturesque setting with a view of the Church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, while soaking in the ambiance of Parisian life. After a light lunch, explore the unique character of this area, where hidden gems await in the form of stylish shops and local finds.

Paris winter walks

See the pretty Pont des Arts. (credit)

Stroll over the Pont des Arts

When you’re ready to continue, follow rue Bonaparte back to the Seine and take a stroll out to the Pont des Arts. This pedestrian bridge connects Saint-Germain with the Louvre on the Right Bank. You might recognize the bridge from the romantic scene toward the end of Sex and the City and the sad scene saying goodbye to Big in And Just Like That. You’ll also have the best view of the Pont Neuf bridge and the very tip of the Île de la Cité.

Look for unique souvenirs from the bouquinistes.

Discover Hidden Gems Along the Seine

Back on the Left Bank, just after the Pont des Arts, make sure to stop and explore the green book boxes that sit atop the walls that line the Seine River. These are the Bouquinistes of Paris, second-hand and antiquarian booksellers who have graced the city for over 500 years. Dating back to the 16th century, these open-air book markets are a uniquely Parisian shopping experience, turning the Seine into “the only river in the world that runs between two bookshelves.”

Paris winter things to do

Visit Shakespeare and Company

Following along the Seine and the Île de la Cité, a captivating view of Notre-Dame Cathedral comes into sight. Before crossing over to the island, make sure to stop at Shakespeare and Company, a legendary English-language bookstore in Paris. This iconic literary haven has a rich history and is known for its welcoming atmosphere. You might even find a cozy nook to enjoy a book and a cup of tea from their charming cafe next door.


Admire the Cathedral of Notre-Dame

Is there any more beautiful of a place to end your Seine walk than at Notre-Dame Cathedral? Find a spot in the Parvis Notre-Dame square in front of the church and take it all in. This is the “Point zéro des routes de France” – the starting point for all distances measured in Paris. While the cathedral is set to reopen later this year, you can still witness the exterior’s progress, with a newly placed replica of the golden rooster crowning the spire. Until March 31, 2024, explore the secrets of the cathedral’s history through a virtual reality tour with Eternelle Notre-Dame.

Paris winter Seine cruise

Bonus! Cozy Seine Cruise Finale

Don’t miss the opportunity to wrap up your tour with a Seine cruise. If you’re staying in the 7th arrondissement, hop on the Batobus at the Hôtel de Ville station and revel in the beauty of the city from a new perspective as you cruise along the Seine back to the Eiffel Tower station. It’s the perfect way to end a beautiful winter walk in Paris!

Paris winter stays

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