Our Ultimate Paris Winter Itinerary


Paris winter itinerary

Seasoned Paris enthusiasts agree that winter is a superb time to explore the city, when museums and top sights aren’t as crowded as they can be during the warmer months. Even if the weather takes a colder turn, fear not! Paris has a seemingly endless number of museums, special exhibits, activities and restaurants scattered throughout the city like cultural gems waiting to be discovered. Here is our ultimate guide for an exceptional week in Paris, with an itinerary you can easily adapt to the weather and choose your top days from for shorter stays.

A winter stroll along the Seine.

Day 1: Arrival with a Paris Perfect Welcome

  • Check into your cozy Paris Perfect rental: Unwind in a charming apartment strategically located near iconic landmarks, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay. If you’re staying in one of our vacation rentals in the 7th arrondissement, this first day is perfect for you!
  • Le Cafe de Mars: Indulge in a delightful meal or a quick coffee at this cozy spot (11 Rue Augereau, 75007) just across from our welcome office. Meet the friendly team and mention Paris Perfect sent you.
  • Leisurely stroll along the Seine: Embrace the winter ambiance as you take a relaxing walk along the Seine, enjoying the crisp winter air and admiring the illuminated landmarks along the riverbanks.
  • Auberge Bressane: Cap off the evening with a warm, comforting French dinner at Auberge Bressane (16 Av. de la Motte-Picquet, 75007). Try classic dishes like Coq au Vin or Boeuf Bourguignon, and don’t miss the captivating tableside performance of their signature sweet or savory soufflés.

Visit the Rodin Museum and see the sculptures against a wintry backdrop.

Day 2: Explore the 7th Arrondissement

  • Les Gourmandises d’Eiffel: Start your day with delectable pastries from this charming spot located conveniently near our 7th arrondissement rentals.
  • Musée Rodin: Immerse yourself in the world of Rodin’s sculptures and art. Explore both the manor and the grounds, discovering iconic works like The Thinker and The Kiss.
  • Rue Cler: Take a leisurely stroll down this market street by the Eiffel Tower. Explore specialty food stores, pastry shops, butchers and more. Stop for lunch at Le Petit Cler, known for its cozy covered terrace and great menu.
  • Eiffel Tower at Dusk: As the sun sets, experience the magical sparkle of the Eiffel Tower for five minutes at the top of every hour.
  • Seine River Cruise with Dinner: Enjoy an enclosed river cruise with dinner, a perfect way to experience the magic of the Seine without braving Paris’s winter weather.
Paris winter itinerary

Shop in the beautiful Passage des Panoramas in Paris. (credit)

Day 3: Winter Museums and Covered Passages

  • Fondation Louis Vuitton: This winter, immerse yourself in the bold and colorful artwork of Rothko at the retrospective at the Fondation Louis Vuitton (until April 2, 2024). There’s always something extraordinary on at this museum, and a visit to explore Frank Gehry’s architectural masterpiece in the Bois de Boulogne is always a captivating experience.
  • Winter Sales: Take advantage of winter sales with discounts up to 70% off retail prices.
  • Covered Passages: Explore Paris’s covered passages, dating back to the 19th century, each with its unique charm. Find our guide to Shopping in Paris’s Covered Passages here.
  • Dinner at Les Cocottes: Head to Les Cocottes (135 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007) for fresh, modern French cooking in Staub cast iron cocottes.
Versailles in the winter itinerary

Versailles is spectacular in any season! (credit)

Day 4: Palace of Versailles Exploration

  • Palace of Versailles: Take a day trip to explore this UNESCO World Heritage site, delving into the grandeur of France’s monarchy. The palace is massive, with 2,300 rooms, and there’s so much to see inside that you’ll enjoy a winter visit and admire the gardens from inside if it’s too chilly to stroll outside. You can book a guided Versailles tour to make the most of your time.
  • Hall of Mirrors and Royal Apartments: Begin your tour in the dazzling Hall of Mirrors and explore opulent Royal Apartments, including the iconic Queen’s Bedroom and King’s Bedroom.
  • Petit Trianon and Grand Trianon: Discover the retreats of Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV, each boasting unique architectural features and elegant gardens.
  • Return to Paris for Dinner at Gloria: Head back into Paris for dinner at Gloria, located at 108 rue Saint Dominique in the 7th, offering excellent Italian food.

Paris winter itinerary

Day 5: Explore St-Germain-des-Prés and Do a Food Tour

  • Brunch in St-Germain-des-Prés: If you’re going for brunch, the charming district of St-Germain-des-Prés offers a delightful array of options. For those craving typical brunch classics, make your way to Eggs & Co. If a more classically French experience is on your agenda, consider the iconic Café de Flore. This longstanding coffeehouse, a favorite haunt of celebrities, beckons with its familiar French fare and an inviting atmosphere nestled in a charming corner locale.
  • Jardin des Plantes: Explore the greenhouses of the Jardin des Plantes for a touch of greenery in winter, featuring a majestic Jardin d’Hiver with trees from Africa, America and South-East Asia.
  • Paris Food Tour: Discover French favorites on this tasty food tour that visits specialty food shops in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area. Or savor the sweet side of Paris on a dessert tour!
  • Dinner in Saint-Germain: Conclude your day with a delightful dinner at a charming restaurant in Saint-Germain, savoring the culinary delights of the area. For a journey back in time, consider dining at Le Procope, a historical gem founded in 1686 that has hosted some of the most influential leaders in history, including Roosevelt and Napoleon. As the clock ticks past 7 pm, the atmosphere shifts to dinner, presenting a menu with ample options to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Treat yourself to one of their original recipes, with the tempting opportunity to savor a classic like Coq au Vin.
Paris museum tours

See the highlights without the overwhelm at the Musée d’Orsay. (credit)

Day 6: Visit Iconic Paris Museums Sans the Crowds

  • Start Your Day with a Warm Cup of Chocolat Chaud; For true chocolate enthusiasts, head to Charles Chocolatier (15 Rue Montorgueil, 75001), a family-run chocolatier established in 1910. Crafted from 100% pure cacao powder and unadulterated cacao butter sourced from the Ivory Coast, their traditional recipe boasts minimal sugar. Sachets of sugar are thoughtfully provided separately, allowing you to customize your chocolate experience by adding sweetness to your liking.
  • The Louvre or Musée d’Orsay? The winter season offers a unique advantage of fewer crowds, providing a rare opportunity to explore these typically packed and popular museums with more of a sense of tranquility. Immerse yourself in the artistic wonders housed within these iconic museums, guided by experts who unveil the stories behind each brushstroke and sculpture. Although there are fewer crowds in the winter, we still recommend buying your tickets or booking your tour in advance. If you choose to explore the Louvre, enhance your experience by booking a guided tour here and for those opting to explore the Museé d’Orsay, book your guided tour here.
  • Dinner at Café de L’Alma (5 avenue Rapp, 75007): Managed by the La Fontaine de Mars owners and decorated by the emerging designer François Champsaur, this luxe café/brasserie is à tester sans tarder (one to try without hesitating). Open daily, including Sundays, it offers a perfect setting for a delightful evening meal.

Enter the world of Picasso at the Musée National Picasso-Paris.

Day 7: An Artistic Deep Dive in the Marais 

  • Lenôtre: Begin your day at this legendary pâtisserie (10 Rue Saint-Antoine, 75004) for a delightful pastry and coffee, setting a sweet tone for your Marais adventure.
  • Picasso Museum: Take a deep dive into the artistry of Picasso at the museum in the Marais, exploring the rich collection that offers a unique glimpse into the mind of this iconic artist.
  • Meander Through the Marais: Wander through the charming cobblestone streets of the Marais, where inviting shops provide a perfect opportunity for exploration and perhaps some more winter sales shopping!
  • Dinner in the Marais: Conclude your day with a cozy dinner at a local favorite in the Marais. Au Petit Fer à Cheval (30 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75004 Paris), known for its warm ambiance, delectable menu and friendly staff offers the perfect ending to your week of Parisian charm.

Paris winter itinerary

Paris Perfect Winter Travel Tips

Our golden rule for navigating Paris in winter? Don’t succumb to the temptation of overloading your itinerary with things to do. Instead, leave room for spontaneity. Some of the city’s most enchanting spots reveal themselves when you grant yourself the luxury of time to leisurely explore during your day. Let the winding streets and hidden corners unfold before you, inviting you to uncover the lesser-known wonders that make Paris truly magical, especially in the quieter months of the year.

For a more personalized touch, explore our Paris Perfect customized itinerary planning here, ensuring your journey is as unique as the city itself. Ready to book your winter stay in Paris? Discover all of our Paris vacation apartment rentals and contact our team at [email protected] for help planning an unforgettable stay!

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