7 Ways to Bring Paris Into Your Home Until You Return to France

7 Ways to Bring Paris Into Your Home Until You Return to France

Are you longing to be in the City of Light? Well, never fear–we have a great solution! We’re bringing Paris to you with a slew of ideas for your home. Whether it’s a little pick-me-up or a full meal worthy of the finest restaurants in Paris, we’ve got some suggestions to help stave off your Paris cravings, until you can hop a plane bound for CDG. ... Read More

How to Speak French Like a Local: School French vs. Real French

Did you learn to speak French in school? Have you been taking online courses or doing Duolingo? All of that is great preparation for any trip to Paris. The locals definitely appreciate when foreigners make the effort to speak their language, but attempt any conversation further than ordering dinner or asking for directions and you might find yourself thinking, “It sounds like the French phrase I learned… almost!” ... Read More

Parisian Handbag Designers You Need to Know

While Paris is the city of luxury handbags, iconic brands Louis Vuitton and Hermès among them, who are the new designers crafting the soon-to-be most coveted bag collections? As a local handbag designer creating my own label for the past ten years, I took to the Parisian streets to meet the women and men behind these exclusive labels. ... Read More

10 Museum Exhibitions in Paris to See in 2020

If you love art and culture catch the best museum exhibitions in Paris this year. Treat yourself to an inspiring trip in 2020, with a chic Paris Perfect vacation apartment on the side. Here are 10 of our must-see exhibitions. ... Read More

12 Offbeat Things to See in Paris (When you Think you’ve Seen it All)

The French capital is full of surprises, even for seasoned travelers. We’ve rounded up 12 offbeat things to see in Paris, from urban vineyards to kooky clocks, pet cemeteries and even the Statue of Liberty! ... Read More

2020 Paris Real Estate Report: Prices Expected to Increase

According to luxury real estate agency Knight Frank, Paris is expected to lead global cities in terms of price increases, predicting a 7% rise. If you scan our analyses over the past four years, we called it. Importantly, Paris is not becoming unaffordable, because much of the price increases over the past three years are playing catch up with other major cities in the world. ... Read More

Vintage Shopping in Paris: Some of the Best Spots in the Fashion Capital

With Paris the world’s fashion capital, once home to venerated designers including Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, where better to embark on a vintage shopping spree? You may even find timeless treasures crafted by these very designers. The question is, with so many consignment and vintage shops, referred to as dépôt–vente by the locals, where to go vintage shopping in Paris? Allow me to share my favorite addresses. ... Read More

A Guide to Paris Cemeteries

Offering natural beauty, rich history and striking sculptures, Paris cemeteries are serene spots for a stroll. There are 14 within the city limits, home to the graves of famous names. For our guide to Paris cemeteries, we’ve selected 10 of the best, from iconic spots to insider secrets. ... Read More

Here’s Why You Should Visit France in 2020

With its historic cities, rich culture, fabulous food and gorgeous landscapes, France is an eternal magnet for visitors. Add elegant architecture, inspiring art and romantic Paris Perfect holiday apartment rentals, and a trip to France is a no-brainer. If you need a special reason to visit France in 2020, though, we’ve found 10 must-see events to get every keen traveler booking a trip pronto. ... Read More

Fragrant Souvenirs: Buy these Bespoke Perfumes in Paris

Selecting a perfume is very personal, as each of us is attracted to different notes. For some, sweet floral scents appeal while others gravitate more towards spicy or woody fragrances. We often select a signature scent and wear it for years, or perhaps alternate between a few depending on the mood, or the season. Layering perfumes, common among fragrance aficionados, can also become a manner of sensory expression. ... Read More

Visit Paris in the Winter: Enjoy Lower Prices, Temperatures and Crowds

Dreaming of Paris this winter? You’re going to adore our special Ooh La La Sale that will make your visions of a last-minute winter getaway come true! We’re offering deep discounts of 15%-20% off our already low off season rates for stays from January 2nd and March 3rd, 2017 … which will certainly make you say, “Ooh la la!” ... Read More

A 2019 Guide to Christmas in Paris: Celebrate the Season like the French

The City of Light is sparkly at any time of the year, but particularly so at Christmastime. From festive food to Christmas markets, there are a multitude of ways to get into the holiday spirit. While many of the events and offerings are annual, each year brings new surprises, new menus and new light shows. Here is our guide to Christmas in Paris this year, with some of the holiday offerings this Christmas season. ... Read More

12 Francophile Gifts to Buy your Paris-Loving Friends and Family

Who doesn’t love a little piece of Paris? Whether it’s Christmas, New Year or Valentine’s Day, a reminder of the City of Light makes a special present. At Paris Perfect we’ve rounded up 12 Francophile gifts for your family and friends – or just treat yourself. Most brands have global branches and can be purchased online, so you don’t even have to visit France to buy them – although a Paris shopping trip is always a good idea! ... Read More

15 Fine-Dining Restaurants in the 7th Arrondissement: Where to Eat near the Eiffel Tower

We’re often asked where to eat near the Eiffel Tower, specifically for fine-dining restaurants in the 7th arrondissement close to our chic Paris Perfect apartment rentals. Whether you’re keen foodies seeking a memorable meal or looking for somewhere to celebrate a special occasion, here are 15 of our favorites to whet your appetite. Remember, our helpful concierge service can make restaurant reservations for you or many venues can be booked via website and app The Fork. Bon appétit! ... Read More

Made in Paris Fashion: Discovering the City’s Dedicated Designers

Paris is undoubtedly the fashion capital of the world. To observe the never-ending catwalk along the streets of the rive droite’s Marais and the left bank’s Saint Germain is to be reminded of just how stylish the city’s residents are. It’s no wonder that iconic French designers including Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Hubert de Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent found their muse in Paris’ ethereal beauty, dressing some of the most haute Parisiennes. Modern-day designers followed suit, inspired by the elegance of the city and the casually composed attitude towards fashion that is so characteristically French. ... Read More

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