Paris Fashion: Boots Are All the Rage!



Boots are all the rage in Paris this year, not just for winter, but to wear all year long.  And what a selection: knee length, above the knee, to the thigh, ankle height — they are everywhere. And in Paris, what can you expect but the most beautiful or outrageous designs you can imagine.  In every color, with fur, buckles, sparkes and more.  Here are just a few…


The Balmain Lace-up boot; simply gorgeous

Elegance from the House of Balmain in Paris…. feminine and oh so French…

A little more casual; shaggy fur around flat boots

A little more casual; shaggy fur around flat boots

There is something for everyone, including middle aged mothers like me.  Flat boots with leather soles but that bit of French fashion in the curly fur.

Oh to be in my 20's again! Cossack style boots to wear with mini skirts

Oh to be in my 20’s again! Cossack style boots to wear with mini skirts

And again…. wow!  Such gorgeous cossack style boots would be beautiful with a long coat worn open or for a younger generation wearing mini skirts…

Flat boots at the Bon Marche in Paris

Flat boots at the Bon Marche in Paris

Boots are the main fashion item in every store in Paris, including the Bon Marche which devoted rows and rows to them. I took so many pictures that store security approached me and told me no photos were allowed.  I had to laugh; the French don’t understand blogs, which can bring them business, not threaten it!

Combat boots with leather wrap-around tops

Combat boots with leather wrap-around tops

Fashion forward rain boots too...

Fashion forward rain boots too…


Foldover suede boots –above the ankle and 3 inch heels. A flattering look for all


Gray calf boot with fold over fur. Parisian women would wear these for every day


Italian carabinieri boots; Fashion resurrected; I bought a pair like this in Rome, decades ago!


Wow, long brown mink cuffs and leather ties accent these moss green boots. Imagine yourself wearing these to a meeting…


What style! Open toed black leather boots, just above the ankle.


A style for everyone, walking boots to disco boots


Parisian fashion boots; grunge fashion with a mountain climbing twist


Left boot with leather bow at top. Right boots feature wide silver cuffs at the knee

Whether you’re looking for casual boots or ‘dressed to kill fashion boots’, you’ll find the boots of your dreams in Paris!



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