Paris Cafés — There’s Nothing More Parisian!



Spring is Coming to Paris — Parisians Flock to Outdoor Cafés!

We had the most beautiful week in Paris, one of those weeks when you finally feel the start of spring.  The sun shone brilliantly from morning to sunset, weather was warm and everyone was smiling.  The whole world seemed to head for their favorite café.  I couldn’t resist taking photo after photo of Parisians sitting outdoors in the sunshine.

Warm sunshine in Paris, everyone flocks to their favorite Paris cafe’

I was running errands from morning to night.  It was hard work, but so much easier to do in the beautiful Paris sun.  We’re photographing a gorgeous new short term apartment rental — can’t wait til it’s finished so I can show it to you!

The Tribeca Cafe’ on rue Cler near the Eiffel Tower

One of the best places to relax is on rue Cler which is full of outdoor cafés.  The Tribeca is one of the most popular — reasonably priced  food and a great place to catch up with friends or write postcards home.  Outdoor heaters means it’s always busy, even in winter.  The Saumur Paris vacation rental is on rue Cler.

Le Petit Cler -- good cafe' and brasserie near the Eiffel Tower

Le Petit Cler — good cafe’ and brasserie near the Eiffel Tower

A new café on rue Cler is the Petit Cler — they sell Berthillon ice cream, my favorite!

Great pastries at this cafe’

Good cafe' near rue de Montorgeuil Market Street

Good café near rue de Montorgeuil Market Street

This café’ is on a pretty pedestrian street, near the rue de Montorgeuil Market.  It’s close to the Clos Jolie Paris Short Term Rental, a gorgeous apartment that sleeps up to eight people.

Cafe' du Marche on rue Cler in Paris Near the Eiffel Tower

When the locals fill up the tables at a café, you know it’s good

When Parisians fill the tables at a café, you know it’s good.

Cafés are where everyone meets

Favorite café near our Paris vacation rentals

La Terrasse Near Ecole Militaire and the Eiffel Tower -- good simple food

La Terrasse Near Ecole Militaire and the Eiffel Tower — good simple food

This cafe' dates from the 1800's. The awning still advertising the sale of coal and drinks

This café dates from the 1800’s. The awning still advertising the sale of coal and drinks

This old café is part of Paris history.  The awning still advertises that it sells coffee, wood and coal.  In the olden dates people bought their heating supplies at their local.

Left bank cafe's in Paris

Favorite café on the Left Bank

I had a wonderful week enjoying the sunshine.  I hope you were equally lucky!


3 Responses to “Paris Cafés — There’s Nothing More Parisian!”

  1. Sandra Conti says:

    You have made me want to go to Paris even more then ever! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful bunch of photos that brightened up my day just looking at them!~

  2. Temple says:

    What’s up with the new barrier at Le Petit Cler?! I was just there in November and it was not there. This is my favorite cafe, the waitresses are very nice (and understanding about my poor French) and the patrons are friendly – always a good time. So, I’ll reserve judgement ’til I’m there next. Still, I’m afraid that the experience (people watching) won’t quite be the same. I’ve another you might want to add to your list – Pain et Chocolat (next door to L’Auberge Bressane). Have you been there?



  3. madelyn says:

    Hi, Do you mean the glass barrier in front of the cafe’? The glass and wood barier has always been there but I’ll check and see if they’ve put up something new!

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