It’s Happy Hour in Paris!



If you’re in Paris this week, you’re in luck!  The weather forecast looks good, spring is in the air and some of the best bars in Paris are holding a week-long Happy Hour as part of Yelp Drinks Week!

Forget paying €12 for a cocktail, from now until the 10 April 2011, you can join the locals and enjoy a selection of half-price drinks at some of coolest venues in Paris.  There are seven participating venues and each has three signature drinks on offer, simply ask for the Yelp Drinks price at the time of ordering.

1st Arrondissement

Unwind at the end of a long day of sightseeing, shopping or visiting the Louvre with a half-price cocktail from Ô Chateau, a beautiful wine bar just off Rue de Rivoli and conveniently located near our Clos Jolie and Anjou Paris vacation rentals.

Ô Chateau
52 rue de l’Arbre sec, 75001 Paris

1- Vin du Jour (Prix Normal: 7€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 3,50€)
2- Cocktails (Prix Normal: 12€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 6€)
3- Bas Armagnac 1974 (Prix Normal: 18€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 9€)

3rd Arrondissement

If you’re staying in our Sauternes apartment in Paris, the Quinze bar is a 15 minute walk along the Boulevard or a quick 5 minute taxi ride.

Quinze Bar
5 Boulevard Saint Martin, 75003 Paris
Quartier: 3rd Arrondissement.


1- Vin blanc (Prix Normal: 3,20€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 1,60€)
2- Ti Punch (Prix Normal: 5€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 2,50€)
3- Shot (Prix Normal: 3€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 1,50€)

6th Arrondissement

Located in the heart of the 6th arrondissement, Le Pixel is the perfect place for a drink if you’re visiting Saint Chapelle or Notre Dame cathedral.   It’s also less than a 3 minutes from our stunning 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom Savennières vacation rental in Paris.

Le Pixel
10 rue Dauphine, 75006 Paris
Quartier: 6th Arrondissement.

1- Cocktail Yelp (Prix Normal: 12€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 6€)
2- Cointreau Champagne (Prix Normal: 10€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 5€)
3- Pinte de Bière (Prix Normal: 8,50€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 4€)

10th Arrondissement

Le Napoléon
73 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris

1- Le Mojito Royal (Prix Normal: 9€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 4,50€)
2- Napoleon’s Victory (Prix Normal: 7€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 3,50€)
3- Mary Martini (Prix Normal: 7€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 3,50€)

Le Petit Chateau d’Eau

34 rue Château d’eau, 75010 Paris

1- Caïpirinha (Prix Normal: 7€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 3,50€)
2- Coupe de Champagne (Prix Normal: 7,80€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 3,90€)
3- Cocktail cognac Le Petit Chateau d’Eau (Prix Normal: 10€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 5€)

Les Enfants Perdus
9 rue des Recollets, 75010 Paris
Quartier: 10th Arrondissement.

1- Bourbon Vanilla Sour (Prix Normal: 12€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 6€)
2-Martini Bianco Shine (Prix Normal: 8,50€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 4,25€)
3- Cosmopolitan (Prix Normal: 10€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 5€)

11th Arrondissement

Rolling Pom’s
25-27 rue Moret, 75011 Paris

1- Leffe Ruby (Prix Normal: 4€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 2€)
2- Ti Punch (Prix Normal: 6€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 3€)
3- VDP (Verre de vin de Pays) (Prix Normal: 2€, Prix Yelp Drinks: 1€)

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