Get Ready for Bastille Day Fireworks in Paris Today!!!




Tomorrow is Bastille Day, the most important national holiday in France.  It’s a day of celebration, with French Air Force flyovers above the Champs Elysees , the Tour de France finish and… best of all….  spectacular fireworks over the Eiffel Tower!!


The fabulous fireworks on the Eiffel Tower starts at 11 pm tomorrow, Bastille Day

Thousands of people will flock to the Eiffel Tower and Champs de Mars Gardens in Paris to view the most spectacular firework show of the year!  The live concert begins at 5 pm.  Then at 11 pm the fireworks begin (yes, the sun sets late in Paris in the summer).  The theme is  Broadway Musicals, uplifting and fun.   Enjoy old favorites from Singin’ in the Rain, An American in Paris, My Fair Lady, Evita, New York New York, West Side Story and more.  As I crossed the Champs de Mars yesterday, the stage had already been set up for the music and festivities tomorrow.



View the Bastille Day fireworks live from your computer!

If you’re not in Paris,  you can view the fireworks show from your computer!!  The countdown has already started; just click here: Watch the Bastille Day Fireworks and you can follow it live from wherever you are in the world.  The countdown for tomorrow has begun…

Many of our Paris Perfect apartment rentals have amazing front row views of the Eiffel Tower. We’ve asked the lucky guests to take pictures of their own celebration in their apartment.  Here are pictures that  taken from the apartments over the years for you to enjoy if you can’t be there.


Paris Perfect apartments with front seat view of the fireworks

The view from the Chateau Latour Paris vacation rental apartment above…


View from the Sancerre apartment before fireworks begin…

From the dining table and balcony at the Sancerre apartment in Paris, just a block from the Eiffel Tower ….


The fireworks show from the St. Emilion apartment

A family who stayed at the St. Emilion Paris apartment rental shared this delightful picture… the children will never forget this special night.

bastille-fireworks-2011The view from the balcony of the Cognac Paris vacation apartment….

Tips for Watching the Bastille Day Fireworks if You’re in Paris: If you’re in Paris, here are some tips for tomorrow:  get to the Eiffel Tower as early in the day as possible, bring a blanket and a picnic lunch and dinner; enjoy the atmosphere as the excitement starts to build.  It gets very crowded so be prepared to share your space as the sun starts to set. The weather is predicted to be sunny so fingers crossed!  It can get chilly, so bring jackets and sweaters. The show begins at 11pm.

Transportation advice:  these are the closest metro and RER stations for getting to the Champs de Mars.

ligne 8 : La Motte-Piquet
ligne 6 : Dupleix, Cambronne
ligne 10 : Emile Zola, La Motte-Piquet, Ségur
ligne 13 : St-François-Xavier, Varenne
– RER : Javel, Invalides et Austerlitz

Have a wonderful Bastille day tomorrow, wherever you are!


Have a Wonderful Bastille Day from Paris Perfect!

10 Responses to “Get Ready for Bastille Day Fireworks in Paris Today!!!”

  1. Daphne Harding says:

    Thank you for a wonderful newsletter – I loved it! I am impatiently awaiting my planned visit – wish it was to be this year for Bastille Day, for Christmas, for spring [again], for any and all of these. The wealth of information provided was so appreciated and beautifully presented. Congratulations on your award – most deserving.

  2. marge fuller says:

    Very disappointed the link did not work.


  3. Christine Apted says:

    What a wonderful site! Thoroughly enjoyed the pictures!!

  4. madelyn says:

    Thanks Daphne, it’s lovely to hear such kind words from previous guests. We look forward to welcoming you back to Paris soon!

  5. Karen Budd says:

    Great advice here! We were lucky enough to view the 2011 Eiffel Tower Bastille Day fireworks from the Champ de Mars – but forget about the Metro afterwards, absolutely impossible! We recommend staying relatively central – we and our 5 and 7 year-old only got home by walking by 1.30am – no matter, such a wonderful experience! Bastille Day is such a culturally-important day – be central if possible!

  6. Marcia says:

    Thank you for this wonderful site. I loved the fireworks! As a previous visitor I thank you for the little bit of paris for the day.
    Happy Bastille day!

  7. madelyn says:

    Thanks Karen, we hope you loved the fireworks! If you’re ever in Paris for Bastille Day again, be sure to contact us as we have dozens of beautiful apartments within 5 minutes of the Eiffel Tower. Many have private balconies with spectacular views so you can enjoy the fireworks from the comfort of your own home.

  8. Cem Anderson says:

    hey how’s the fireworks? do you think you can put on a video of the celebration next time? it would be more entertaining than pictures.

  9. que ver en madrid says:

    This photographs are very beatiful.
    I love Paris and I have been there 10 times.

  10. Travelbottles says:

    Thank you for the fantastic advice in this article, I simply love the first picture of the fireworks over the Eiffel Tower.
    I have planned a trip to Paris early next year, it will be my first time to visit. Can’t wait!!!

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