New Paris Perfect Vacation Rentals in the Latin Quarter!


Parisian Cafe in Latin Quarter near Seine

A charming Parisian café just around the corner from our new Alicante vacation rental in the Latin Quarter!

What comes to mind when you think of the Latin Quarter in Paris? For us it is those charming cobblestone streets, Parisian cafés that still evoke their artistic and literary past and perusing the bookshelves at Shakespeare & Company. Then there’s a stroll along the Seine with the soaring towers and buttresses of Notre-Dame Cathedral just across the river or watching Foucault’s pendulum swinging in the Panthéon. Food lovers might be thinking of the historic open air-markets or strolling down the Rue Mouffetard market street. Whatever the Latin Quarter means to you, this neighborhood captures so much of what is at the heart of Paris – a lively atmosphere, history and tons of charm!

Charming Parisian Architecture and Streets in the Latin Quarter

Some of the colors and charms of the Latin Quarter that we enjoy the most!

We’re delighted to introduce two new one bedroom Paris Perfect vacation rentals in the Latin Quarter!  Our lovely Alicante vacation rental is located just moments from the Seine near Notre-Dame Cathedral while the Lussac is set in a historic building from the 1600s on a lovely street very near the Panthéon. Both of these vacation rentals offer a cozy stay right in the heart of the 5th arrondissement. Let’s take a peek inside these two new Latin Quarter vacation rentals in Paris!


Alicante – A Charming Vacation Rental Near the Seine

Paris Perfect Vacation Rental Near Seine and Notre Dame

The pretty street where the Alicante vacation rental is located – just moments from the Seine and Notre-Dame Cathedral!

The Alicante is located on a lovely little side street just off the Quai de Montebello, which runs along the Seine on the Left Bank just across the river from Notre-Dame Cathedral. This is a sought-after neighborhood in the Latin Quarter for its charming historic buildings and location near the Seine and so many iconic Paris landmarks. From the living room at the Alicante, you can look out the window (see photo below) to the right and spot the trees along the quay. That’s how close you are!

Paris Perfect Vacation Rental in 5th Arrondissement Near Seine

Look out from the living room at the Alicante and the Seine is just beyond where you see the trees – very close!

Walk to the end of the street and across the Quai de Montebello and you’ll see the Seine and the beautiful Notre-Dame Cathedral just across the river. What a dream location! Head out for an early morning run or walk along the banks of the Seine while taking in the most incredible views of Notre-Dame. It’s also the perfect spot for a relaxing evening stroll while watching the colors of sunset dance across the Seine. You’ll love staying so close to Notre-Dame that you can enjoy this Gothic masterpiece each and every day!

Paris Perfect Vacation Rental Near the Seine in Paris

Stay in our Alicante vacation rental in Paris just moments from the Seine and Notre-Dame Cathedral!

The Alicante has been impeccably remodeled and beautifully decorated with a style that highlights the apartment’s historic charms while reflecting a unique style all its own. The living room is a peaceful spot to relax at the end of a day exploring Paris and visiting the many museums, churches and landmarks nearby. Walk through the arched doorway and down a few stairs to reach the kitchen and dining area, bathroom and bedroom at this charming Latin Quarter apartment.

Paris Perfect Latin Quarter Vacation Rental near Notre Dame

The beautifully designed living room at our Alicante rental in the Latin Quarter

This vacation rental features an elegant décor accented with antique furniture that adds a warmth and sense of history – very fitting for the Latin Quarter! You’ll notice these little touches throughout the Alicante along with historic details like the exposed wooden beams and original tile floors.

Paris Perfect Latin Quarter Vacation Apartment

Artistic touches and antique décor in the entryway to our Alicante

The bedroom at the Alicante overlooks a lovely courtyard garden and features a comfortable queen size bed. Curl up at night and enjoy a good book or plan your next day’s adventures in Paris before switching off the bedside lamp.

Paris Perfect 1 Bedroom Vacation Rental Latin Quarter

Enjoy a peaceful night of rest in the Alicante with a queen size bed and window overlooking the courtyard garden

When you step in the kitchen at the Alicante you’ll notice the attention to detail with the design and décor. There’s a dining area with a built-in bench seat on one side just under a large window that fills the room with light. It’s a lovely spot for enjoying breakfast in the morning, stopping in for a quick lunch during the day or relaxing over a leisurely dinner at home in the evenings. There are tons of restaurants, cafés and brasseries to choose from in the Latin Quarter, but it’s also such a pleasure to stay in and savor the charms of feeling at home in Paris.

Paris Perfect Vacation Rental Kitchen Colombard

Beautifully remodeled kitchen with built-in dining area at the Alicante

Located just moments from the Seine, the Alicante is an excellent home base for discovering the charms of the Latin Quarter on your next holiday in Paris!


Lussac – A Lovely Vacation Rental Near the Pantheon

Latin Quarter Neighborhood Paris Vacation Rental

The pretty square just around the corner from the Lussac vacation rental in the Latin Quarter

We’re happy to introduce you to not just one but two lovely vacation rentals in the Latin Quarter! The Lussac is a lovely one bedroom apartment with an ideal location just around the corner from the Panthéon in the heart of the 5th arrondissement. Just steps from the Lussac you’ll find a delightful Parisian square surrounded by cafés, restaurants and food shops. You’ll spot the unique bell tower of the Church of St-Etienne-du-Mont just beyond the square. Movie lovers might recognize this as the spot where Gil is transported back in time in Woody Allen’s movie Midnight in Paris. There’s just something about the cobblestone streets and historic buildings that do make you feel magically transported to another time in Paris! Just across the street from St-Etienne-du-Mont you’ll see the soaring dome of the Panthéon where so many of France’s great intellectuals, scientists and writers are buried.

Paris Perfect vacation rental near Pantheon Latin Quarter

Our Lussac vacation rental is located just around the corner from St-Etienne-du-Mont Church across the street from the Panthéon

The Lussac is situated in a historic building dating from the 1600s, and many of the building’s original details have been lovingly preserved in this Latin Quarter vacation rental. When you step in the front door you’ll feel the warmth and charm of the exposed wooden beams, original tile flooring and the antique décor.

Paris Perfect vacation rental in Latin Quarter Historic Building

Step into the charming Lussac rental with historic details

The living room in the Lussac overlooks the charming Parisian street below and the gardens of the historic École Polytechnique, an engineering school that was founded in 1794 and was located in a beautiful building across the street from 1805 to 1976. You’ll be surrounded by history during your stay at the Lussac!

Paris Perfect Vacation Rental near Pantheon

Relax in the living room of the Lussac with a view overlooking the charming street below

When we first shared a sneak peek of the Lussac’s bedroom on our Paris Perfect Facebook page, we got lots of excited comments about its dreamy décor. We love the pendant lamps and that cute window cut out on the right. The bedroom features two comfortable single beds that can be zipped together to form a king. Just let us know how you would prefer them to be configured and they’ll be set up when you arrive!

Paris Perfect One Bedroom Latin Quarter Vacation Apartment

The charming bedroom at the Lussac – we love that little window!

This beautifully remodeled apartment is full of historic charm and details in every room. Even the bathroom has been lovingly remodeled to capture the exposed stonework and wooden beams along with a unique arched door. We love those little touches!

Paris Perfect Latin Quarter Rental Historic Building

The beautifully remodeled bathroom at the Lussac with historic touches and lovely details

The Lussac is a lovely spot to discover the history and charms of the 5th arrondissement in Paris. Enjoy a stay in Paris at your own cozy home away from home right in the heart of the Latin Quarter!


The Charms of the Latin Quarter

Paris Perfect vacation apartment in Latin Quarter

A bicycle and cafés – a typical Parisian scene in the Latin Quarter!

The Latin Quarter is one of Paris’ most popular neighborhoods and it’s easy to see why! Just strolling through the cobblestone streets you’ll enjoy that unique Parisian atmosphere mixed with the liveliness of its younger crowd of students from the Sorbonne or one of the many schools and universities in the area. These students carry on the long academic tradition that gave the Latin Quarter its name – from the language that used to be spoken in this historic neighborhood! While exploring the medieval streets you’ll spot students studying and talking at the local cafés and tons of bookstores. It’s astounding to think that these very streets have been the academic heart of Paris for over 700 years!

Paris Perfect Latin Quarter Vacation Rentals in Paris

Walk along the Seine and see the Cathedral of Notre-Dame every day!

Just across the Seine from the 5th arrondissement you’ll spot the soaring towers of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, one of the most impressive Gothic churches in the world! Cross the Seine to the Ile de la Cité where you can visit the cathedral and other famous spots on the island, such as the gorgeous stained glass at Sainte-Chapelle and the Conciergerie – a former prison that housed many illustrious prisoners. Cross over to the charming Ile Saint-Louis to explore the medieval streets and fine views from this historic island in the Seine.

Paris Open Air Markets in the 5th arrondissement

Enjoy shopping for the freshest ingredients at the Place Maubert open air market or along the famous Rue Mouffetard

The 5th arrondissement is home to several excellent open-air markets, including one of the oldest in Paris at Place Maubert. This is very close to both the Alicante and Lussac vacation rentals, and guests will love shopping alongside Parisians for the freshest ingredients for a simple and lovely dinner at home. Don’t miss the chance to stroll down Rue Mouffetard, a famous market street located south of the Panthéon in the 5th arrondissement. It’s a paradise for gourmands in Paris! The Latin Quarter is known for its many restaurants and cafés, and we’ll share with you our favorites in the neighborhood when you book your Paris Perfect vacation rental. That way you’ll know the best spots where Parisians dine so that you will feel like a local from the moment you arrive!

Dining out in the Latin Quarter in Paris

A charming outdoor café in the Latin Quarter

Our Alicante vacation rental is located just down the street from the Shakespeare and Company bookstore, which has been a fixture in the literary and expat community since the 1920s when it was run by Sylvia Beach. Stop in and browse the books in this English language bookstore or enjoy a book signing, concert or other event. It seems there’s always something going on at Shakespeare and Company!

Paris Vacation Rental Latin Quarter 1 bedroom

Walk to the famous Shakespeare & Company bookstore in the 5th arrondissement

One of the best parts of staying in the Latin Quarter is walking along the Seine while admiring Notre-Dame Cathedral just across the river. We’ll never get tired of those views! Take an early morning walk or sit and watch the sunset along the riverbanks – there are so many ways to enjoy the beauty and history of Paris in the Latin Quarter.

Paris vacation flat near the Seine River and Notre Dame

Stroll along the Seine with stunning views of Notre-Dame Cathedral


Enjoy a Stay in the Latin Quarter with Paris Perfect!

To find out more about booking a stay at one of our new Latin Quarter vacation rentals, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect apartment for your stay! To see more photos and find out all the details on these two new vacation rentals, visit our website to see the Alicante vacation rental near the Seine and the Lussac vacation rental by the Panthéon. Come discover the charms of the Latin Quarter in Paris!

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